How to Dominate Twitter Marketing with Your Blog

Social media marketing is becoming rampant in the world of digital. When you think about Facebook, you think about connecting with people using different types of content.

Instagram is more known to be a photo-sharing social media.

And Twitter is a for microblogging platform where you can share what you did an hour ago or rant about a celebrity you don’t like.

Simple as that.

However, Twitter is more than just a microblog.

Even though it allows for a pretty limited number of characters per tweet, it always remains one of the best tools for online marketing.

Now that businesses have realized that they need to add social media as one of their top priorities, it’s important that you follow the trend. Otherwise, you may be falling behind the industry and lose your overall brand value.

Why market on Twitter?

Twitter offers many benefits to businesses. If you’re not on it yet, then today is the best day to start. To give you ideas, here are some of the good things Twitter marketing can do for your blog.

1. Brand awareness

Twitter has kind of a viral effect when it comes to information. By being an active Twitter user, you are exposing yourself to a broader audience. A single tweet can easily be shared once you hit that sweet spot of your followers which will lead them to retweet your tweets without nothing in return.

2. Better communication

A key to growing your site is through building relationships with your readers. Ask them questions, keep them engaged, or even get ideas on what to blog next. Aside from building a connection with your readers, Twitter is also good for networking with like-minded people and connecting with people for business opportunities.

Twitter is abundant with professionals looking to connect. Try clicking any hashtag related to your industry and you’ll quickly find these people.

3. Build influence

Just as you are building relationships, you are also building yourself as an expert in a niche you are blogging about.

Go on Twitter to talk about a certain topic you are good at to strengthen your reputation and establish yourself as an influencer.

4. Generate traffic to your blog

Generate traffic to your blog using Twitter marketing

Using Twitter, you can create different types of content that will encourage your followers to go and visit your blog. For example, you can do a product giveaway or a survey that will lead them to a page on your blog. As long as you give them an incentive and your offer is truly valuable to them, they’ll visit your blog and retweet your tweets voluntarily.

5. Follow the industry

Without a doubt, Twitter is a marketing platform used for communication and brand building. When you go and look for something related to your niche, it’s not surprising if hundreds show up in your search results.

You can use them to create new blogs, be updated to the trend, look for people to collaborate with, and see which strategies worked for the others.

Tips for creating your tweets

Well, it’s now a given that things you post on your blog must be shared on your Twitter profile as well. If you find this task boring, you can just use plugins or apps like IFTTT to do this for you automatically.

But aside from the old re-sharing technique, here are some of the things you’ll need to take into account before you click on that “tweet” button.

  • Always try to use a conversational tone
  • Maximize the use of hashtags but limit it to only two per tweet
  • Mention or tag those who are communicating with
  • Retweet tweets of followers (and influencers) to establish relationship
  • Use videos or share videos from other blogs you support

Don’t forget to optimize your own blog posts

When you write your blog posts, often times, you are thinking about promoting it outside of your blog. Actually, promotion can start on your own blog posts.

You can cross-promote quotes or important statistics you mentioned in your blog posts to your Twitter account.

Let’s say someone is reading your blog and find something good. Make it easy for them to share a snippet of your article. This article from Mention is a good example of this.

If you are using WordPress, Click to Tweet is a good plugin to use for this purpose.


As a conclusion, Twitter truly is an effective way to get your name out there. Growing your following takes more than just a tweet. If you need more information, you can follow along with this comprehensive guide. And to really get your hands dirty, simply try it out for yourself.

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5 Top Tips to Get Your Senior Execs on Social Media

When it comes to being social, a business has to start with its leaders. At Tribal Impact, it’s our mission to increase employee advocacy in a way that really adds value to businesses. But this new approach needs a wholesale culture change and that can only come from the top.

Leaders are conditioned to put turnover first. It’s always been the clearest indicator of success. However, today’s statistics are compelling: “Socially engaged companies are 40% more likely to be perceived as competitive, 57% more likely to get increased sales leads and 58% more likely to attract top talent.” (Source: Altimeter Group). It seems that, to be truly successful, you have to be truly social and, to do that, you need to put relationships before sales.

However, too many leaders are shying away from stepping into social. According to a study by, of the 39% of CEOs who are active on social networks, no one is active “on all six networks”—defined by the study as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In fact, a massive 70% of CEOs engage on only one social network.

So, how do you get your leadership team to embrace social?

Tip #1 – Pick The Right Executive

Not every leader is going to become a social superstar. Instead, focus on 1-2 leaders that are interesting and willing to experiment. Check their LinkedIn profile. Are they well connected? Are they already active on social media? Ask them if they’re interested in building their professional brand online and set their expectation up front. Tell them that you will give them the coaching support but they must commit to investing time – approx 1-2 hours per week.

Tip #2 – Set A Benchmark

Slightly controversial and a little bit of a risk but most leaders won’t have reached that level in their career without watching their competitive peers closely…especially if they’re in sales.  Take some time to do your research and share what other executives in similar positions are doing within the industry. Show them profiles, activities, content shared and explain the potential impact as a result.

Tip #3 – Show Them Brand Mentions

If you can, try to access brand social listening reports – most organisations managing branded social media channels will be monitoring conversations…I hope! Show your leadership team real conversations that are happening around your brand. If you have sophisticated listening in place you will be able to monitor the volume of brand conversations compared to your competitors, analyse sentiment and pick out key themes/topics that are trending around your brand.

Tip #4 – Build A Social Habit

Building a habit takes repetition and perseverance. Provide a social routine that isn’t too taxing. For example, start week one by asking them to follow the “Rule of Threes” – make three new connections, share three pieces of content and engage (like/comment) on three posts. It should take no longer than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. In fact, consider suggesting a time when they do it e.g. the morning commute, waiting in line at the airport. Keep it simple for the first couple of weeks and then add to it.

5 Top Tips to get your senior execs on social media

Create a social habit – e.g. their daily commute

Tip #5 – Show Progress of Your Executives Using Social Media

Finally, schedule regular check-in calls.  At the start of the process check their SSI score and/or KLOUT score. Give them a baseline. After a week, check-in with them to see if they’ve managed to build a social habit into their daily routine and review their SSI and/or KLOUT score. Check their activity to see whether they received any engagement on posts shared. Little wins will show it’s working. The more active they become, the quicker they’ll experience social success e.g. their network interacting with them.

Supporting leadership to be more socially active takes time. These tips are based on my experience of working with leaders to help them adopt a more social approach to business by executives using social media. The same process doesn’t work for all. Some will adopt a social habit quicker than others so be flexible in your approach and adjust the routine if it’s not working for them. Focus on the little wins and if you can, relate their success back to a KPI or objective they care about. Good luck!

If you’re interested in learning how Onalytica can help you kick start your employee advocacy program, get in touch by clicking the button below.


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Interview with Melonie Dodaro

Onalytica Interview with Melonie DodaroMelonie Dodaro – Best-Selling Author | Keynote Speaker |CEO at Top Dog Social Media

Key Topics:
LinkedIn, Social Selling, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Europe and Canada

Bio: Melonie Dodaro is the author of the #1 international bestseller, The LinkedIn Code. She’s a highly sought after speaker and trainer that specializes in social selling (digital sales and marketing), LinkedIn and how to build trust online, across North America and Europe.

Melonie helps brands, professionals and sales teams effectively use social media and social selling to build trust, increase their authority, credibility and revenue.

Melonie has been listed as: Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts 2017, Top 100 Marketing Influencers 2017, Top 50 Sales Influencers 2017, Social Selling 2017: Top 100 Influencers and Brands, 21 Women of Digital Marketing to Follow in 2017, Top 10 Social Media Blogs, Top 65 Women Business Influencers, and many others.


I have been an entrepreneur for two decades and owned five brick and mortar businesses before starting with social media. Early on I saw the business application that social media provided and went on a mission to learn everything I could about social media and digital marketing. I was very familiar with marketing as I used to market all of my businesses with traditional marketing and became intrigued with how that would change with digital marketing.


I am most passionate about social media for B2B and that’s why I focus almost solely on LinkedIn, Social Selling and Content Marketing. Like everyone else I see a great future with various forms of content including video and livestreaming. I am pretty excited about LinkedIn’s launch of native video.


The no-fluff ones 😉

In all seriousness, any influencer that isn’t chasing the next shiny object and focuses on real business results, with a real ROI will have my attention. There’s a lot of social media fatigue happening and a lot of “look at me” and so I am pretty darn selective about who I pay attention to.


I love a great business mind as well a great marketing mind, but business gets my attention first. I tend to gravitate more to the tried and true business minds, such as Robert Ciadini, Michael Gerber, Tony Hsieh. And I must admit, I have a serious crush on Richard Branson.


I don’t mean to be vague here but I don’t have many favorite brands, what does stand out to me is brands that market with integrity and ethically. I also like a brand that’s fast and witty such as Oreo was with their post “you can still dunk in the dark” when the power went out during the Superbowl. I also love the compassionate Christmas campaigns that a Canadian airline called Westjet runs. They always pull at my heartstrings.


It would definitely be speaking and training opportunities. I have trained many B2B sales teams on how to effectively leverage LinkedIn and social selling to massively improve their lead generation.


The best way to reach me would be via email at to schedule a time for a phone conversation.


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10 Best Video Tools to Make Compelling Videos Easily

A picture speaks louder than words, but what speaks even louder than a picture is a compelling video. Whether you need to create animated videos to pitch your business or want to make a video montage to play on your friend’s wedding, there’s no need to hire a professional as long as you have some cool video creation tools available.

There are tools that turn your photos and movie clips into engaging videos. In this post, I have picked the best video creation tools that are full of features and can be easily used by anyone. Come let’s give it a look.

Top Picks


Though Prezi is essentially a presentation tool, but you can also create videos out of it using any third party screen recording tool. One of its kind presentation maker, Prezi lets you put your ideas on a zoomable canvas and create interesting presentations.

Customize Prezi's presentations your wayCustomize Prezi's presentations your way

You can create fun presentations and customize them quickly by tuning details like font size and angles, and adding, audio clips, etc. It also has numerous pre-designed templates to quickly create a great video. Moreover, you can also import PowerPoint presentations and convert them into videos.

A pre-designed Prezi templateA pre-designed Prezi template

Pricing: 14-day free trial and $5 – $59 per month after trial period | More details

Slidely Show

One of the easiest tools I’ve used, Slidely Show lets you compile short videos, photos or perfect shots into slideshow videos. You can organize a sequence of media items and add real-time effects, music, and even a message to create an amazing video in just a few minutes.

Create videos with ten-tools-to-create-compelling-videos on SlidelyCreate videos with ten-tools-to-create-compelling-videos on Slidely

You can edit colors and fonts, and even edit/replace the footage. You can live-preview the videos in the editor as it renders edits, saves changes, and then plays the video automatically. And it allows you to make and save as many drafts as you need.

Pricing: Free


If you’re looking for a tool that lets you shoot clips and make videos, then Magisto is what you need. It allows you to shoot video clips, add photos, put in audio clips or voice recordings and add more videos to create your awesome movie — easier than ever.

Magisto has a built-in video editor that selects the best clips and handles the time-consuming process of video editing and enhancing your clips. You can select a style or theme for your video, and the editor adds professional effects, transitions, zoom and pan options to give movement to static shots and does much more — all by itself.

Create videos using photos on MagistoCreate videos using photos on Magisto

You can add a soundtrack from its own library or even upload from your personal playlist, and edit color and style options to create a video that resonates your brand. Though its premium subscription offers unlimited downloads yet you need to pay $0.99 per video to download on a basic subscription.

Add soundtracks in Magisto moviesAdd soundtracks in Magisto movies

Pricing: Free to try and then $2.49 – $49.99 per month | More details


Just like Magisto, Animoto allows you to choose pictures and clips and turn them into video slideshows. Though Animoto doesn’t allow you to capture photos or videos through the app itself, but it does offer a handsome collection of media wherein you get access to 2,000+ commercially licensed audio tracks and 100+ styling options.

Animoto's easy storyboard editorAnimoto's easy storyboard editor

There are pre-built storyboards in Animoto and feature to add a short voice-over, custom text and layout configuration options to suit your needs. Lastly, Animoto lets you create HD videos and download them in MP4 format (only if you use its premium plans).

Customise with advanced layout in AnimotoCustomise with advanced layout in Animoto

Pricing: 14-day free trial and $8 – $34 per month for pro features | More details


If you’re a photo blogger or enjoy creating GIFs, then this user-friendly video creator is just for you. You can use photos (including GIFs), audio clips, and transitions and visual effects along with pre-designed templates for developing videos.

Also, if you wish to configure everything by yourself from scratch, there’re an array of tools for that too.

Kizoa's options to create a videoKizoa's options to create a video

You can use the many features of Kizoa’s video editor that offers to cut long videos into short clips, add transitions and special effects as well as include a music, audio clip, and text.

Play/preview videos on KizoaPlay/preview videos on Kizoa

Pricing: Free to try and $29.99 – $299.99 for lifetime membership | More details


Flixpress is an amazing bargain as it’s easy to use and creates high-quality videos for less than $1 per month. The tool caters to professional as well as personal needs and allows sharing videos on social media. It offers numerous pre-built templates — some come free but others are available on paid plans only.

Flixpress avails multiple templatesFlixpress avails multiple templates

The tool matches the features of above tools and offers objects, photos and audio libraries to help you get most creative. Moreover, you can also upload and add your own photos, videos and audio clips, and the created videos can be saved in MP4 video format as well as additional formats like MOV or WMV.

Preview/play a Flixpress template or videoPreview/play a Flixpress template or video

Pricing: Free to try and then $0.83 – $79.99 per month | More details


If you love creating movies to tell stories, then Muvee is what you should use. The tool lets you create videos automatically by simply selecting the photos and videos, editing colors and style, and customizing text, titles and other options. You can also enhance your videos with blockbuster-style cinematic titles and numerous frames, graffiti, and stickers.

Muvee's video creatorMuvee's video creator

You can include a voice-over, trim the music directly, add color filters, even highlight the best moments in the video, along with the ability to edit multiple photos and videos in minutes.

Another exciting feature is its collaborative environment for video creators that allows multiple creators to edit and save videos at the same time.

Add a voice over in MuveeAdd a voice over in Muvee

Pricing: Free for basic features and $79 – $499 per month for pro features | More details

MAGIX Video Easy

Video Easy is well-equipped with tools and wizards to help beginners and novice users create awesome videos. Its video editing wizard does everything for you in just a few clicks — just include the photos and videos and follow the on-screen instructions.

Optimize/adjust video in MagixOptimize/adjust video in Magix

Video Easy lets you be creative using pre-loaded stylish transitions, video effects, color filters, and audio editing tools to assist you in adding music or a voice-over to the video. It also has an intuitive export feature (unlike some above tools) that makes it very easy and straightforward to save your video, export it or share it online.

Export options in Magix editorExport options in Magix editor

Pricing: 30-day free trial and after that $49.99 for a year | More details

Movavi Video Suite

If you’re looking for unlimited creativity, Movavi Video Suite is a comprehensive video making software with lots of powerful features. Using Movavi, you can create professional-looking movies and slideshows as well as record videos using a webcam and capture your screen.

Capture webcam using MovaviCapture webcam using Movavi

Though its functionality is extensive, yet Movavi is simple to work with. It lets you cut and join video clips while maintaining the quality of the video, apply video effects, various filters, music, and titles. Moreover, the suite supports 180+ media formats and offers a utility for burning movies onto DVDs.

Add filters to video using MovaviAdd filters to video using Movavi

Pricing: 7-day free trial and $99.95 – $119.95 for lifetime | More details

More Tools

Here are more video creating tools that are also worth mentioning.

Numerous video templates of RendrfxNumerous video templates of Rendrfx

Pricing: Free to try and subscription for $49 – $299 per month | More details

Shakr allows trimming shotsShakr allows trimming shots

Pricing: Free to try and $84 – $254 per month after trial ends | More details


Pricing: Free to try with basic features and $99 – $175 for pro features | More details

Motion graphics library by TelestreamMotion graphics library by Telestream
Add/import media files in CamtasiaAdd/import media files in Camtasia

Pricing: Free to try and subscription for one-time $199 | More details

Are you ready to make your pick?

I have personally selected these video creation tools for my readers based on their ease of use and features they offer, and all of them can be equally useful for novice as well as veteran video creators.

What do you think of these tools? Do you wish to share your own story of video making? Then just write a comment below.

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Best Color Tools For Web Designers

Setting a basic color theme for your web design project might be an easy task, however, deciding upon the right combinations or coming up with a color scheme may get tricky, especially when you don’t know which color tool would work best for you.

So to help determine the best color schemes for your projects, here are some of the best color tools for webs designers. Let’s check out the list.

Adobe Color CC

You may know this tool by its previous name Adobe Kuler. It’s one of the most popular features by Adobe allowing you to combine colors.

Adobe Color CCAdobe Color CC


ColourLovers is an online community of color lovers. It contains images and their color palettes, so you can use them for your own work.



Coolors is a quick color scheme generator. It allows users to create and share color palettes in no time. It chooses the main color of the images and finds perfect color combinations.


Color Snapper 2

Color Snapper 2 is a tool created for OS X Yosemite. It was made for graphic designers so they can play, modify, adjust, organize, save, and export colors on the screen.

Color Snapper 2Color Snapper 2


Colordot is a great website and iOS app allowing you to create and share color schemes. You can choose color with a finger or a camera.


Adobe Capture CC

Adobe Capture CC allows you to take a picture of anything you like and turn it into a color palette, create a brush, and pattern. It’s available on desktop and mobile.

Adobe Capture CCAdobe Capture CC

LOL Colors

LOL Colors is one of the services created by Mackenzie Child. It’s a website with curated color palettes. Every colorful teardrop is clickable with ready-to-copy hex codes.

LOL ColorsLOL Colors lets visitors use gradient fills for their images. The website contains a page full of squares in different color palettes with their hex codes for easier usage.

Color Sphere

Color Sphere allows you to build a palette in one color shade. It provides all hex numbers, so you can easily use a certain color.

Color SphereColor Sphere


CheckMyColours helps you combine foreground and background colors of all DOM elements. It’s created to check if the colors pairing create a proper contrast for people with color deficits.


Color Hunter

Color Hunter is a useful tool for designers. Just find an image you like and upload it (or enter image URL) to the website. The service will create a color palette from your chosen image.

Color HunterColor Hunter


TinEye allows you to extract color from over 20 million Creative Common images from Flickr. Just select a color, slide dividers to adjust the color and add tags to your search.



Pictaculous is a handy tool designed by MailChimp which can help you create a color scheme from an image. Then you can download Adobe Swatch file.



Paletton is made to help graphic designers create websites with proper color combinations. You can also use pre-made color palettes in a chosen color.



Colorspire is a 3-steps color palette builder. You can choose a base color, then create a color scheme, and see huge colors preview.

ColorspireColorspire is a service aimed to add colors to users’ words. It can also add colors to images or designs.

Color Explorer

Color Explorer is one of the most in-depth color tools available out there. With its help, you can create, analyze, and customize your color schemes. It’s absolutely free.

Color ExplorerColor Explorer


0to255 will help you to find darker and lighter shades of one color. It can be used to find a range of shades for one particular color.



ColorRotate is a helpful color editing app for tablets. WIth 3D color scope, you can take a full control of colors of a subject.

ColorRotateColorRotate is a free app that provides information about any color, including conversions to many color models, such as RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, and much more. You can create various color schemes, for example, complementary, split-complementary, triadic, tetradic, five-tone, clash and more.


On this site, you can select up to five hues from a full-page palette. Then, it will generate a display of all the images in its database with this color combination.


Color Blender

Color Blender is easy to use tool which allows you to create a six-color palette based on just one color.

Color BlenderColor Blender

Colors on the Web

Colors on the Web will help you to explore color theory and how it’s used in web design. Using 3 main tools: Color Wizard, Color Wheel, and Color Contrast Analyzer you will learn to match colors.

Colors on the WebColors on the Web


ColorMunki lets you create your own colors. You can create color palettes, find similar colors, and properly match them.



This service created for Apple users will help you to explore the world of colors and find new shades. You can discover color harmonies, values, and cross-references.



ColorZilla is Firefox and Google Chrome plugin extension that includes a color picker, eye-dropper, CSS gradient generator and palette browser.


Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a new social media channel for color lovers. You can discover carefully picked color palettes, and choose some Hot, Popular or Random color schemes to use in your future designs.

Color HuntColor Hunt

Material UI Colors

Material UI Colors is an amazing service to choose contrasting colors for material design.

Material UI ColorsMaterial UI Colors


ColorDrop showcases hundreds of amazing color palettes you can use. For easier navigation, use sections “Favourites” and “Flat Colors”.



BrandColors is an official color source of most popular brand sites of the world. It features a list of brands and their official colors.



Why is it Important to Teach Coding to Kids in 2017 and Beyond

A few decades ago, being able to communicate well (particularly in the English language) was considered a sign of quality education, and a fundamental requirement in the professional world.

But that was back then. Today the world is changing at a rate that we have never seen before. Websites, applications, and tools are built to make our lives easier. There are home automation gadgets that do the pettiest of the tasks for you. Even the alarm clocks are smart, for heaven’s sake!

As the world transitions to a trajectory, one must need to master how to communicate with machines in order to stay competitive. And there is no other way a machine communicates other than code.

Yes, coding isn’t reserved to programmers alone. Give it a few years, and coding will become as essential to our daily lives as human language is today.

And what other way you can prepare for a highly automated future than to teach your kids the art of coding. So, in this article, I’ll be discussing a few things that will prepare you and your children for the present, and the future too.

The Why

Let us first discuss the reasons that make it so important for our newer generation to learn to code.

It will benefit the kids in the long run

Teaching kids how to code will be beneficial for them in the long run. Not only that it would give them a skill that they can use for life, but you will also be preparing them for a number of new jobs that will emerge as a result of the high inclination of our society towards technology.

It is estimated that in 2015, there were seven million job openings that require coding skills. Not to mention that programming-related jobs grew 12% faster than the market average.

kids learn programming

There will be a great demand for IT specialists, Data Analysts, Graphic Artists and Designers, Systems Engineers, and Computer Scientists in the future.

Coding has already become a vital part of employment requirements. And if you want your kids to have a competitive career, better give it an early head start.

It develops good habits for your kids

If you want to teach them a couple of values, then coding can be a good way to do so. There are so many virtues anyone can pick up while writing code.

Learning how to code teaches your kids to be persistent. When something goes wrong in the code, (and trust me, things do go wrong most of the time) your kid would try again and again till he/ she gets the right results.

Solution finding is another habit that coding can teach your kid. And as a programmer, you do a lot of things like running tests, debugging and all that just to find the problem and solve it. Your kid will do the same during his/ her process of learning to code.

Programming also teaches your kids how to be efficient. This will help them not to waste precious time or effort on things that really won’t give them any gain. They will learn that in everything that they do, there will always be a more efficient way to do it.

They will learn how to organize stuff, and keep them clean in order to easily find things when they get lost. They will learn how to tag things and measure them to save the most time possible.

The How

If you’re convinced enough but you don’t know how to help your kid learn to code, then go on and read the following.

How can I teach my kid to code?

This is probably the first question a parent will ask. A lot of parents are probably just as clueless at programming as their kid is, and that is okay.

The best part of programming is that you can learn it at any age. And although the retention of different languages can be difficult for the more advanced in years, it can still prove to be a great experience.

teach them programming
Tim Gouw

The best way to approach this is to learn with them. You can pique interest in your children if they see you doing the same. So if you put in some extra time trying to learn how to code, and be really interested in it, your kids will follow.

Where can they take courses?

One of the benefits of this generation is that you can learn pretty much everything online. There are coding tutorials everywhere, so it wouldn’t be as difficult to find one that suits your kids. However, the track on which you could learn is the important aspect of this. With all the many choices you have, which one can you take?

Here are a couple of websites that can help your kids learn to code.

These are great examples but there will be times your children would want to learn more using tactile and tangible objects, like toys. You can also suggest to them a few toys like:

What languages can they learn?

Now that you know where your children can learn, you may probably be asking, what can they learn. There are many programming languages out there and picking one is as difficult as picking a language elective at school.

coding languages to learn

And sometimes, picking a language that a programmer specializes in, defines him in a lot of ways. So it’s important to choose what is easiest to learn, and what is best in the long run.


Phyton is first in this list because its syntax is more attuned to normal speech. Python code is well-written and easy to understand as if you are literally talking to a computer. Kids would find it easier to adapt into Python because of this, and it teaches them the programmer’s mindset.

They will build programming foundations with Python because of its ease of use, and they can look up code libraries online without a sweat.


Ruby is the easiest to read syntax-wise for newbies. This language will eliminate a lot of hours explaining how the code works because it is pretty much self-explanatory. This is great because Ruby will make it easier for the kids to understand the concepts of programming.

Your kids will learn one or two good scripts and they are set to a good start. It is also used to create the first iteration of Twitter so your kids will see how much value it can provide for them if they want to build things.


Java is a bit more challenge than the previous ones, but learning Java will be like taking a step onto a higher ladder of programming. Learning java makes it easier for anyone to understand other languages as well. Java has been here for twenty years or so and your kids will find so many resources to use online.

Sum & Substance

Technology is moving faster, and almost everything is shifting to computers nowadays. You have to adapt and so should your kids. Teaching them how to code is the first step in preparing them for a world that requires everyone to talk to computers in order to solve problems from things as mundane as checking the weather to flying other humans into the stars.

So start them young. Who knows, you might have just been grooming the next Bill Gates, or the new Mark Zuckerberg.


Create Minimalist Datetime Input Select with Flatpickr

One of the trickiest fields to create is the date/time select. Developers often resort to simple select menus for the month/day/year or rely on various plugins to do the job.

Select fields work fine but they’re a little clunky. Instead, you can jazz up your form with the Flatpickr plugin. It’s a free, open-source JavaScript calendar picker with zero dependencies.

It was designed with minimalism in mind, so it can fit into any website layout, any web form, and should be usable from any modern device.

Flatpickr JavaScript pluginFlatpickr JavaScript plugin

One nice thing about this plugin is the variety of custom options. You can restyle how the dates appear in the text field and where the calendar starts (defaults on “today”).

But, you can also use it as strictly a date picker if you have no need for the time selection. It’s merely an optional feature that lets you pass more data through the form with this one picker.

Take a look at the Examples page to see Flatpickr in action.

You can also set targeted options to limit the date picker’s behavior, such as:

  • Disallowing certain dates/ranges
  • Only allowing certain dates/ranges
  • Allowing multiple date selections
  • “Range mode” to select a start & end date
  • Just a date picker, or just time, or both date & time together

The options are practically endless and they all work through this one vanilla JavaScript plugin.

Mobile users often prefer the native date picker but you can override this with a mobile setting in JavaScript. This way you’ll have the same interface working across all devices.

And, you can even add IE9 support with a polyfill which makes this one of the most well-supported date picker plugins out there.

Example Flatpickr pluginExample Flatpickr plugin

Installation is simple with commands for npm, Bower, and Yarn. Or, you can download the source files directly from GitHub if you prefer that route.

Everything you need to know can be found on the setup page which shows you how to add the files to your header & how to call this date picker on any field. Easily one of the best date picker plugins designed simply enough to fit with any design.