375,000 Pieces of Art You Can Use Without Restrictions

In 2014, the New York-based Metropolitan Museum of Art made 400,000 high-resolution images of various art pieces and photographs available for public use. Fast forward to 2017, the Metropolitan Museum has made an additional 375,000 images available for use by the public without any restrictions.

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Metropolitan Museum’s decision to make the images available for public use is part of its Open Access policy. Executed in collaboration with Creative Commons, Open Access allows anyone to access and use the images for any purpose, be it commercial or noncommercial. Those who wish to use the images can just do so without needing to pay or ask permission from the Metropolitan Museum.

As for the contents of the images, the 375,000 images showcases a wide range of movements, styles and mediums in the history of art. Within this collection of images, you’ll find artworks from famous painters like Vincent van Gogh, as well as pictures of centuries-old costumes and armor.

costumes and armourcostumes and armour

For those who are fascinated by artwork or history, these images can be found at the Metropolitan Museum’s website. Alternatively, the images can also be found at the Creative Commons website.

museum websitemuseum website
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Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/metropoliton-museum-art/


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