BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, February 20, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you’re all having a good morning.

Here is your weekly dose of paid blogging jobs. Good luck, and have a great week ahead!

Paid blogging jobs

DIY Freelance Writer is in search of fresh writing talent with DIY skills. If you complete your own home repairs, would rather make something than buy it, and are a writer with personality, this is the gig for you.

Writers will compose knowledgeable features or comprehensive step-by-step articles, and pitch new ideas to their editor. When possible, writers can provide quality photos to complement their articles for increased pay.

Writer/marketer needed to write and create an information product

A group is looking to hire a writer/marketer that can create a new information product for their site that helps people quit smoking weed. Their goal is to create an information product that is more effective than the one they’re currently offering. One that is more cohesive, trustworthy and professional.

Opinionated TV Writers

Do you obsessively seek out news, interviews and spoilers about your favorite TV shows and celebrities? Are you constantly checking RSS feeds and social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest gossip and trends? Do you find yourself constantly sharing your opinion on these topics with friends, and maybe a stranger who will listen?

BuddyTV is hiring knowledgeable experts to cover the latest breaking news and willing to share their opinion on some of television’s hottest shows.

Guest Bloggers/Authors

SansKum Digital Trailblazers is looking for contributors who can write and publish articles on sites mentioned below and other sites in the same tier. They are also looking for some affordable guest posting options on sites with high trust flow, and domain authority ranking and high traffics.

If you are a content marketer, who has multiple sites in your list, please send them neatly in an excel sheet with prices, TAT and other details.

Reporters, Bloggers, and Writers

PJ Media seeks experienced, self-starting freelance reporters to contribute to the Washington, D.C., news operation. Experienced writers representing a full range of viewpoints with something to say about the issues of the day are invited to apply as PJ Media contributors. The PJ Media Lifestyle and Parenting sections also seek experienced feature contributors from across the country who can educate and entertain readers.



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