Facebook Is Rolling Out Job Postings For Businesses & It’s Free

It is no secret that some companies use Facebook as a way to recruit new employees, considering the fact that the social network service is visited by millions of people. Facebook is probably aware of that fact, which is why the company is rolling out tools that would streamline the employment experience on the service.

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Available only for users and business that operate in either the United States or Canada, Facebook’s new bunch of Job tools will let businesses publish job openings on the service while aspiring employees can apply for those openings directly.

Companies who have their own Facebook pages will see a green “Create Job” option on their page. Through this option, the “Page Admin” will be able to create a job posting by filling up all the necessary details and then publishing it onto the company’s page. Job postings can be boosted for added visibility.

From there, the “Page Admin” can use the “Jobs” bookmark to keep track of all applications, as well as communicate with the applicant directly through Facebook.

For the employees side of things, those who are looking to apply for a job just need to select the job they want and fill in the application form that comes with it. Once done, all they need to do is wait until the employer contacts them. Employees will also gain access to the “Jobs” bookmark that shows off all available job postings, so they can pick and choose a job that suits their interest.

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Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/job-posting-businesses-facebook/


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