15 Tech Terms You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Do you pronounce Huawei as hua-way or hua-wei instead of wah-way then you are one of those who are actually pronouncing this tech word incorrectly. In this post, we have compiled a list of 15 tech words with their actual pronunciation; so you can speak these words confidently with correct pronunciation in future.

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Do mention any tech word or term missing in the list below along with correct pronunciation in comments section.


Although, many of you must have heard about the GIF debate but still this word is seeking for the justice to its actual pronunciation that is jif not gif.


Despite the fact that Xiaomi is world’s 4th largest smartphone maker, many people still pronounce it as “zi-o-mi or zi-ao-mi while its actual pronunciation is sha-o-mee.


Huawei is one of the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer serving 45 out of world’s largest 50 telecom operators but still it is not fortunate enough to be pronounced correctly by most of us. While many people pronounce Huawei as “hua-way or “hua-wei, its real pronunciation is “wah-way”.


Although, OS X is the second most widely used desktop OS right after Windows but still people get confused with X in OS X which is actually Roman numeral X means ten. So, the correct pronunciation of OS X is “ou-es ten instead of “ou-es ex.


ASUS is the world’s 4th largest personal computer vendor and it is under debate for its actual pronunciation which is a-seuss or eh-sus instead of a-su-ss, a-suh-ss or ah-seu-ss.


Memes are image-based jokes and you must have seen these on social media feeds usually. When it comes to pronunciation of meme, it is very confusing to choose which one from mem” or me-me“. While these both pronunciations are wrong, the actual one is meem.


In technology, word Cache is used in two main terms: one is cache memory and second is web cache. Although it is a widely used word, but sometimes it is mispronounced as kay-shay” while the correct pronunciation is cash“.


Probably you may have used Imgur which is an online image sharing community but do you know Imgur is also victim of wrong pronunciation. While many people pronounce Imgur as im-jer” or im-gur, the actual pronunciation is image-er” or im-ij-er.


If you are into video games, there is a strong chance that you may have thrown this word Pwn to your opponent when he/she is losing the game. The word is mostly used in written form so there is no single authenticated pronunciation for it. But most of the debates declare pronunciation of Pwn as own” or oun” and sometimes pwoun” or pawn” as well.


People, who are loyal customer of Casio must know about the dust, water and shock resistant mobile phone series offered by Casio called as Casio G’zOne. While you know how to pronounce Casio but you may stuck while pronouncing G’zOne. You will probably pronounce it like jiz-one“, jee-zee-wun” or g-zone” but I am sorry all these are wrong and the correct one is jeez-wun“.


Those who have used wireless chargers for smartphones may be aware of Qi which is a global standard for wireless charging. But when it comes to the pronunciation, Qi is actually pronounced as chee” which is totally different from the apparent spellings of Qi“.


No doubt, Ubuntu is one of very popular Linux OS for computers, smartphones and tablets but many people still get confused to pronounce it as you-bun-too” or oo-bun-too“. While the former pronunciation is wrong, the correct one from these two is oo-bun-too“.


Every one related to tech industry or many non-techs are also familiar with the name of Adobe. But when it comes to the pronunciation, sometimes even those who are using different products of adobe pronounce it as a-dobb” which is incorrect and the actual pronunciation for Adobe is ado-bee“.


Linux OS is being used for around last 25 years but still it has two common pronunciations among people i.e. lie-nux” and linn-ux“. While some Linux users pronounce it as lie-nux, the correct pronunciation for this 25 years old OS is linn-ux“.


Router is the core component of a network and people related to computer networking know the importance of this box. Majority of people pronounce Router as rowter while there are few who pronounce it as rooter. In US English, both rowter” and rooter” are correct pronunciation of Router while in British English rooter is the only correct pronunciation.

A very interesting video on pronunciation of tech terms by a number of people is available on YouTube.

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