Google Docs Now Has a WordPress Plugin

WordPress has just gotten a whole lot more flexible as the content management system now has an open-source Google Docs add-on.

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Available on the Google Web Store page, this add-on will give integrate part of WordPress’ system into the Chrome version of Google Docs. With this add-on, those with blogs or WordPress websites with the “Jetpack” plugin can now draft and edit posts that can be published on a WordPress website later.

need authorizationneed authorization
So what do you gain with this WordPress add-on?

For starters, those who are looking to collaborate on posts can now do so from the comforts of Google Docs in real time. On top of that, preparing an article for WordPress is less stressful when done on Google Docs as the app comes with an autosave feature that ensures that progress isn’t completely lost when something goes wrong.

ready wordpress templateready wordpress template

Perhaps the handiest feature of this add-on is that it will import the post, complete with formatting preferences, directly to the WordPress website itself as a draft. This eliminates the need to manually copy-and-paste the document to the WordPress text box itself. However, publishing said post will still need to be done via the website’s dashboard.

For those looking to delve into the add-on’s code, WordPress’ parent company Automattic has published the add-on’s code on GitHub.

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