Create Flow Diagrams in Sketch With User Flows Plugin

Interface designers quickly fell in love with Sketch as a UI/UX design tool. Right out of the box, it can whip up simple interfaces much quicker than Photoshop or Illustrator.

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One nice feature missing from Sketch is the ability to link artboards with flow charts. But with the User Flows plugin you can do just that!

user flowsuser flows

UX designers often need to deliver a full working prototype of mockups connecting different links/buttons to pages in the app or website. With User Flows, you can generate full sketch diagrams connecting certain elements on one page to another.

Flows can also help you define complete mockups with diagram templates. This feature automatically combines all the artboards and their flow lines together into one big Sketch file. This way you can export your flow ideas directly from Sketch.

user flows sketchuser flows sketch

You can change line color, size, and export options for @1x or @2x sizes.

All flow lines are built with vector elements, so they can be resized and moved constantly without quality loss. And you can even set up conditionals where the flow chart moves to different screens based on different scenarios, for instance when a user is logged in vs logged out.

This is easily one of the most useful tools for a UI/UX designer, and it’s not something you can get with a Photoshop workflow.

Designers have plenty of reasons for switching over to Sketch. It’s cheaper, easier to use, and it can build high-quality mockups just like Photoshop. And now, with User Flows, you have one more reason to make the switch.

This plugin is completely free and open source with its own GitHub repo. If you notice any issues or bugs you can submit a report on GitHub or message the creator on Twitter @abynim.

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