Disable Extra Connecting Monitors In a Click With Screen Commander

Mac: Multi-monitor setups are particularly useful if you’re the type who multitasks on a regular basis. However, there are some times where having multiple monitors can be more of a distraction instead.

If you’re a Mac user who would like an app that would allow you to blackout the monitors in your multi-monitor setup, then you might be interested in Screen Commander.

how screen commander workshow screen commander works

Available for free on the App Store, Screen Commander lets you blank your additional monitors with a simple click. All you really need to do once the app is installed is click on the icon located on the “Menu” bar and choose the display that you wish to blank.

On a blanked screen, you’ll still be able to bring up the app’s pop up menu in order to return it back to normal.

blank this screenblank this screen

So why should you use Screen Commander instead of just manually turning the extra monitors off?

Well, as the app just blanks the screen instead of shutting it off completely, window positions remains unchanged. Also, this app lets you blank the monitor on your Macbook or iMac’s built-in display, which may be useful to certain users.

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/screen-commander-mac-app/


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