Innovate Finance Global Summit – Monday – Live Update 5pm

Lord Holmes will close Monday´s main events at the Innovate Global Summit Great Hall with his Keynote Conference Best in the world at fintech and determined to keep it that way.  The morning events saw some fantastic keynote speeches which we posted about in our earlier update.  After lunch we saw two sessions discussing: Digital Identity and Cyber Security and Financial Services, where experts discussed how industry and policy makers can work together to increase access to digital identities and whether greater collaboration between security forces and FinTech increases protection against the growing number of cyber security threats faced by financial institutions.

At the Livery Hall, Matteo Rizzi and Oscar Jazdowski discussed the latest trends in FinTech investment. They looked at how Chinese investment in FinTech has taken over the US for the first time and they examined the impact this power shift has on regional FinTech hubs and the globalisation of the sector. After lunch, Daniel Aranda, David Birch and a panel of experts discussed the collaboration between banks and tech giants in Open Banking. In the next session, Laurent Nizri, presented the leaders of the most exciting InsurTech business in Europe to track the rise of InsurTech and to assess its potential impact on traditional insurance provision. Oliver Balch presented a panel in which financial and technology experts discussed the technology advances that have the greatest impact on financial wellness. After a break, a session conducted by Liz Lumley discussed the best ways, Alternative Lending, can reach more customers while ensuring platforms are recession-proof and whether Brexit will transform sector in the UK.

As well as the Great Hall and the Livery Hall, there were a series of workshops and roundtable discussions taking place. Kosta Peric explained how technology can be the trigger to connect with new customers they’ve never been able before and to profit from banking the unbanked. Also, Deloitte, hosted a workshop in which leading innovators discussed the trends, impact and implications of capital markets trading platforms. On the other hand, WEF hosted a roundtable on how Cognitive automation can drive increased efficiencies and enable new capabilities for financial institutions, Innovate Finance examined the challenges faced by regulators around the world and how RegTech can help drive greater real-time analysis on societal risk and discussed the 2017 Fintech Big Bank project.

We were interested in looking at which topics were driving the most attention on social media, so we analysed all the posts from the conference to provide a top 10 topic share of voice:

Onalytica - Innovate Finance Summit 2017 5pm Live Update - Top 10 Topics SoV

It’s interesting to see the topic of “Regulation and Policy” and “AI and FinTech” featuring higher up the list since the 12pm update. We also saw the topic of “Startups” entering the debate.

Next we wanted to see who were the top influencers and brands driving attention at the conference so far, so we looked at the number of posts mentioning the official hashtag #IFGS2017 from the morning session until 5pm:


Onalytica - Innovate Finance Summit 2017 5pm Live Update - Top 10 Influencers list


Onalytica - Innovate Finance Summit 2017 5pm Live Update - Network map

Stay tuned as the attendees and delegates are now networking in the hall, discussing the days events. Keep up to date by following this live feed of mentions of the official hashtag:

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