This Alarm Clock App Will Force You to Stay Awake

Snoozing the alarm clock is something everybody does as it allows you to catch a bit more sleep. However, chronic snoozers do tend to make the purpose of the alarm clock obsolete.

If you, like me, require an alarm clock that wakes you up creatively and is sort of “heavy duty” in its function, then you might want to check out an alarm clock app called I Can’t Wake Up.

i cant wake upi cant wake up

At first glance, this alarm clock app seems pretty standard. You set your time, the days in which the alarm goes off, then you leave it active and wait for it to ring. Unlike your typical alarm clock though, shutting it off isn’t as easy as just swiping on the screen or hitting a button. Rather, you’ll be forced to solve puzzles in order to turn off the alarm.

solve the puzzlesolve the puzzle

While the puzzles themselves aren’t exactly the toughest available by default, they do need you to be alert in order to solve them. Of course, if you’re someone who wants a challenge, you can manually set the difficulty for the puzzles provided by the alarm.

set difficultyset difficulty

As for snoozes, the app does let you set a number of free snoozes for a given alarm. Upon completing the tasks, you’ll be given the option to snooze your alarm. However, once you’ve reached the set number of free snoozes available, the alarm would return to default, and you’ll once again need to solve the puzzles to turn the alarm off.

If all of this sounds like the perfect alarm clock for you, you’ll be pleased to know that I Can’t Wake Up is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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