Innovate Finance Global Summit 2017 – Day 2 – 12pm Live Update

Tuesday, the second day of The Innovate Finance Global Summit, is Pitch360: Demo Day.  24 FinTech Startups are getting ready to pitch their story from the IFGS17 stage this afternoon. But just before that event starts, and during the morning, visitors from all around the world had the opportunity to meet the Exibitors, their sponsors and partners and to attend some astonishing Roundtables, Workshops and Networking events.

The day started at 7:30 with the Anthemis & Erevena #hackingfinance breakfast which explored how “fake news” has played a role in a state of eroded trust and what this means for business. Half an hour later, the Bahrain Economic Development Board and Partners discussed the future of  the islamic Fintech in the Kingdom. This series of networking events finished with Lloyds banking Group exploring the current state of financial wellness in the UK and who is more affected by this, men or women.

As the day unveiled, a new round of Workshops started. Ron Collins from IBM talked about the inflection point in which the Financial Services Industry seem to be once again. After the financial crisis of 2008, Cognitive Computing and the advances in robotics will enable substantial delayering and restructuring of banking´s labour force with people shifting their roles toward higher value ones and customer focused interactions. The second workshop, delivered by Allen & Overy, was about FintTech and IPO´s. Only 16% of Start-ups view an initial public offering as their path to exit, while the vast majority viewing acquisition as the long-term goal. During the morning We also attended some interesting roundtables, with Hogan Lovells explaining how Big established Banks are investing in RegTech as a solution to reduce friction in their business.

We wanted to look at which topics were driving the most attention on social media, in order to provide our readers with a timely assessment of influencers’ digital outreach for the event as it happens. Here are the top 10 topics share of voice:

Onalytica - Innovate Finance Summit 2017 - Tuesday - 12pm Live Update - Top 10 Topics SoV

Next we wanted to see who were the top influencers and brands driving attention at the conference so far, so we looked at the number of posts mentioning the official hashtag #IFGS2017 from the morning session until 12pm:

#IFGS2017 – Day 2 – 12pm Live Update – Top 10 Influencers

Onalytica - Innovate Finance Summit 2017 - Day 2 - 12pm Live Update - Top 10 Influencers list

Stay tuned as we release more in-depth insight on the afternoon session! In the meantime here’s a live feed from the event so you can keep up to date on what’s going on as it happens.

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