Document Scanning & 2 More Features Are Coming to Dropbox Mobile App

Users who rely on Dropbox for Android as well as Dropbox’s Paper app will have something to look forward to, as both apps will be receiving updates that brings with it some long-awaited features.

Document scanning

With Dropbox for Android, the company is finally bringing the document scanning feature to the Android platform. Much like the feature that can already be found on the iOS version of the Dropbox app, the document scanning feature will allow Android users to scan important document with their device’s camera.

Once scanned, the documents would then be saved as a PDF file in your Dropbox account. For those with Dropbox Business accounts, you’ll also be given the ability to search for keywords found inside the scanned documents.

scanned documentsscanned documents

Dropbox Paper Offline Mode

Moving on, Dropbox Paper for iOS and Android will be getting an offline mode with the latest update. With this feature active, those who rely on Dropbox Paper to create documents can continue to do so even without an internet connection.

Changes and creations of new documents will all be stored locally on the device in the event that a connection to Dropbox’s server can’t be established. Once connection to the server is reestablished, Dropbox Paper would then proceed to sync all of the changes immediately.

sync changes immediatelysync changes immediately

More language support

Finally, Dropbox Paper will be adding additional language support to both its mobile apps as well as its web application. With it, Dropbox Paper will now support 20 different languages.

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