Practice Programming with – A Browser-based IDE and Compiler

However, setting up the local runtime environment can be a real pain for beginners. This often requires the command line which is great to learn as you go, but can initially feel like a roadblock.

With, you can practice coding any compiled language right in your browser from Python to C++ or even Swift for iOS apps. IDE IDE homepage

This little web app is very much like a cloud IDE for web developers. However, frontend development is not reliant on a compiler, so it’s much easier to code in a web browser. is one of the few programming-oriented cloud IDEs, since it has a built-in compiler that operates from any OS.

Granted there are some limitations regarding the libraries you can use and the final output of the code. But, this is still an excellent place to start programming if you have zero experience and just want to understand the basics.

Repl supports dozens of libraries, so you pretty much have your pick for learning anything. Here are some of the more popular languages:

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Swift
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Clojure
  • Ruby

On the homepage, you can select any of their languages from the dropdown menu, so take a peek and see what you think.

And, Repl even offers tools for teachers who want to educate their students on the basics of coding. It’s not an easy subject to breach but with the process can feel a lot easier.

As of this writing, the site is totally free to join and you can keep your free account for life. It’s an excellent learning tool if you’re serious about programming. IDE python IDE python code



6 Credible Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

If you started blogging as a hobby, or you’re thinking about it, and wishing it could become a reasonable source of income – it probably could. A blog doesn’t have to just be your online journal. Here are a few ways to turn your blog into a reasonable source of extra income, or possibly even a full-time income.

Sell Ads

If you write good content, and your blog is popular, you’ll likely have a fair amount of traffic to your site. Google’s Adsense will take care of getting the ads and dealing with companies, and you get a payout for advertising on your site, all you need to do is add a script to your page to display the ads. These are usually pay per click, meaning you get a commission for every person that clicks on the ad. If you’re happy to, or would prefer to, sell ads directly, WordPress has ad plugins that will let you do just that.

Affiliate Marketing

Not necessarily a review, but you do at least need to mention or recommend a product or service to your audience in a post. You’ll be given a link that tracks back to you so that referrals – anyone who clicks your link – can be credited to you. Like adsense, they’re usually pay per click.

Product Reviews

Company’s looking for a product review will send you a product to test, and usually keep. Depending on the company, you’ll also get paid to write a review and post it on your site. In most cases, this is a flat fee, rather than commission based, though you may still be required to link to the company site in your post.


Optimizing your own content will boost your site’s traffic, helping with other forms of income. You could also offer your services to other companies and websites. There are always people looking for good writers who know what they’re doing to help them with search engine optimization. If you want to find out more, watch SEO: The Movie.

Sell through your Site

If you have a following, some of your fans may be interested in what you have to offer. If you know your way around graphic design, sell some digital content – wallpapers, t-shirt designs, whatever works. If you’ve got another hobby, aside from blogging, add a store to your site. You might find to your surprise that people really do want to buy your knitted hats and crazy phone covers. There’s always the option to sell other people’s product for a commission, if you have a friend or family member in the craft business.

Sell Your Skills

So you’re a good writer, we’ve established that. If you’re having a hard time getting your own blog up and running, or just don’t have the time and energy to maintain it – freelance. The downside here is that you don’t always have much say in the content, but there are positives too. Freelance writing doesn’t leave your income dependant on how popular your blog is – you get paid for your content no matter what. Rates and requirements will vary quite a bit, but you can find freelance jobs on sites like

So outside of the questionable integrity of selling your subscribers’ email addresses to a marketing company, these are just some of the ways to make money off a blog. Keep in touch with your readers by reading and answering comments, it’ll keep them engaged. You can keep to your personal social media accounts, or set up accounts for your blog, but post and share to keep your site popular.


Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows 10

Whenever someone mentions image editing software, the first name that pops into mind is Adobe Photoshop. Although Photoshop is, without doubt, the most famous image editing software, but I like to keep my options open and so I dug the Internet for some useful image manipulation tools for Windows that can prove to be good alternatives.

As there is no shortage of free image editing tools on the web for Windows, I have picked the following three options that are best among the rest.


Out of all the options in this article, GIMP is by far the most popular free image editing tool, and with good reason.

Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP is an image editor that can legitimately trade blows with Adobe’s most popular offering. The first thing you’ll notice when you boot up the software is that it looks remarkably like Photoshop. All the tools, brushes and systems that Photoshop has can be found on GIMP.

gimp uigimp ui

In addition to the expansive array of tools, GIMP’s open source nature means that the editor has a huge library of plugins and other helpful features that you can download and use, making it incredibly versatile.

The only downside that can be said about GIMP is that it isn’t as intuitive as Photoshop. Thankfully, getting a hang of GIMP isn’t hard as you can easily find a lot of documentation and tutorials for the editor online.

  • Photoshop-style layout.
  • Extensive range of tools.
  • Open source nature gives GIMP a large variety of custom plugins.
  • Less intuitive than Photoshop.
  • Complex to use.


For those who just need something that can get the job done, Paint.NET is the tool for the job. It is a streamlined and simplified tool that can be far more helpful than a tool with all the bells and whistles. ui

Originally created to be a replacement for Windows’ Paint app, Paint.NET is a photo editor that is created with simplicity in mind. The editor’s interface will be familiar to those who’ve used Paint, but this does not mean that the Paint.NET is that basic too.

Paint.NET comes with all of the editing tools that are essential to a photo editor (layers, filters, etc.), allowing users to touch up and recompose their photos with relative ease.

Another boon to Paint.NET is its resource requirements. As the app isn’t as complex as full-fledged photo editors such as GIMP or Photoshop, Paint.NET consumes less of your computer resources when it is active, allowing low-power machines to run the editor with little problems.

If you’re looking for a lightweight photo editor that gets the job done, Paint.NET is the better option.

  • Far more sophisticated than Paint.
  • Relatively easy to use.
  • Resource light.
  • Lacks some of the features that GIMP has.
  • Fotor

    Last but not least, we have Fotor, a free image editing tool for desktop, mobile, and the web. Unlike both GIMP and Paint.NET., Fotor’s unique features are made mainly for photo touch-up purposes rather than full-fledge photo editing.

    fotor uifotor ui

    As such, the app lacks some of the functionalities that can be found in the applications mentioned above.

    While Fotor isn’t as robust as the tools mentioned above, this editing tool comes with some rather unique abilities. For starters, Fotor comes with batch processing, allowing users to tweak a large set of photos all in one go. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to process a large stack of photos in a single go.

    On top of batch processing, Fotor comes with a myriad of filters and tools that are rather straightforward to use. This allows those without any experience in photo editing software to dive into Fotor with minimal resistance.

    fotor toolsfotor tools

    Finally, Fotor comes in both software form and a web browser version. This means that you don’t need to have the editing tool installed on your machine in order to utilize it.

    • Clean interface makes it easy to navigate.
    • Batch processing capabilities.
    • Available as a program, as well as a browser app.
    • Feature set is extremely simplistic when compared to GIMP or Paint.NET
    • Mainly for photo touch-ups instead of full-fledged image editing tasks.

    Some ending thoughts

    Here are three different photo editors for Windows each with its own unique features. Choosing a right one depends on your particular requirements, either you need a simple and easy to use photo editor or a more complex one with an array of features.

    Do let us know which one would you prefer and why, in the comments section below.


    12 Smartphone Camera Apps You Should Try

    Does your smartphone camera offers DSLR manual controls, RAW capture support, voice-activated command, or the ability to take awesome selfies? Probably not. However, you can get all of this and many more cool features by using third-party camera apps.

    There are many third-party camera apps that’ll supercharge your smartphone camera. In this post, I’m going to introduce you 12 really good smartphone camera apps that are the perfect replacement for the default smartphone camera app.

    Camera ZOOM FX

    Platform: Android

    Probably the most feature-filled camera app, Camera ZOOM FX has some really cool advanced options and customization capabilities. It has RAW capture support, DSLR controls, amazing burst mode (30 shots/sec), voice-activated mode, tilt-control, HDR mode and much more.

    Apart from the addition of some new features, it has a very customizable interface, including the ability to combine different modes, built-in photo stabilizer, selfie flash and much more.

    camera zoomcamera zoom

    BestMe Selfie Camera

    Platform: Android | iOS

    A must-have app for any selfie enthusiast, BestMe Selfie Camera has over a hundred filters and stickers that can be applied in real-time as you take the selfie.

    You can create grid photos, real-time collages, add a smart blur effect, use the smart timer, vignette and more. The app also makes it very easy to share your selfie on popular social networking sites.


    Mega ZOOM Camera

    Platform: Android

    With Mega ZOOM Camera, you can access the maximum possible zoom level of your phone’s hardware. And if the hardware allows, it can even offer up to 80x zoom.

    Of course, the maximum zoom doesn’t give you the best picture quality, but it can be great for using as binoculars or even taking a picture of something far when quality doesn’t matter.

    mega zoommega zoom

    Cymera: Photo & Beauty Editor

    Platform: Android | iOS

    Cymera is a powerful beauty editing app that offers hundreds of ways to beautify your photos. You can use its camera to take photos and apply filters and stickers in real-time. It has hundreds of filters, stickers, beauty enhancers and more. You can individually retouch body parts to make your photos perfect.


    Camera FV-5

    Platform: Android

    Camera FV-5 is catered for advanced users who want total control over your snaps. It lets you take RAW photos, manually control ISO/focus/white balance/exposure, control shutter speed, choose multiple focus types and more.

    I also really like its long exposure feature that lets you take beautiful photos at night or in areas with low-light problems.

    camera fv fivecamera fv five


    Platform: Android | iOS

    Another app that focuses on photo editing and beauty tools, but Camera360 has some handy animation features and a big community that makes it worth a visit. It lets you apply animated effects to your photos and makes them cool short videos. It has an interesting community interaction feature that lets you share and discover photos/videos with like-minded people.

    Like other similar apps, it has reliable beauty tools, including multiple automatic beauty modes, filters, separate body parts editing tools and manual effect manager tools.


    Paper Camera

    Platform: Android | iOS

    Paper Camera offers you to apply complex effects to your camera so you can take amazing photos in real-time.

    You will be able to see the world in the cartoon, sketch, neon, comic book and many other effects using Paper Camera. It’s still a basic effect adding app, but due to its real-time effect implication; it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

    paper camerapaper camera

    Footej Camera

    Platform: Android

    A camera app with some handy features, Footej Camera lets you create animated GIFs, record slow motion videos, manually adjust focus and exposure, control shutter speed, take RAW photos and see photo histogram. Its interface is quite easy and its customizable burst intervals may attract you as well.

    footej camerafootej camera

    Cameringo+ Filters Camera

    Platform: Android

    Another great replacement for your phone’s default camera app, Cameringo+ has over 300 live filters to take vivid photos and a bunch of lenses for extra creativity.

    It can create GIFs, take HDR photos, record slow motion videos, let you draw while recording and more. It also has DSLR controls for best customization, and its virtual selfie flash is a fun and handy feature as well.


    GIF Camera

    Platform: Android

    Love GIFS? Say no more. GIF Camera is your ultimate GIF creator that will let you create GIFs of everything you record with your phone. The app breaks down recorded GIFs per frame and lets you take full control over how you want your GIF to look.

    It also lets you create GIFs from your still photos with reliable customization options. As a GIF lover, you will surely like its daily dose of fun GIFs from different sources.

    gif cameragif camera

    YouCam Perfect

    Platform: Android | iOS

    YouCam Perfect is another cool selfie camera that offers great features to take that perfect selfie. However, I really liked its multi-face detection and ability to apply the changes to all people in photos.

    It has complete body beautifying tools, ability to add makeup, change expressions and create collages with its smart collage creator. Additionally, you can also remove unwanted objects from your picture using its automatic object remover.

    youcam perfectyoucam perfect


    Platform: iOS

    Probably the best default camera replacement app for iOS users, ProCamera gives you DSLR-like manual controls with amazing photo and video quality. It can shoot HD and 4k videos with up to 240fps support, and you can capture RAW photos. It also comes with dozens of filters and effects that can be further customized for the best experience.

    You may also like its vividHDR and LowLight Plus feature that comes as in-app purchase and offer better quality than your device’s built-in camera app.


    Let’s snap like a pro

    Camera ZOOM FX is definitely the best all-in-one tool for Android users, and similarly, iOS users can try out ProCamera if they are looking for a better camera app than the default one.

    Although if you are a selfie enthusiast, then I would recommend you try out BestMe Selfie Camera as it has amazing features without a Price tag. If you know any other cool smartphone camera apps, do share with us in the comments.

    6 Best Smartphone Overhead Tripods (So Far)

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    6 Best Smartphone Overhead Tripods (So Far)

    Whether you run a food blog or looking to take some product photos, the best way to capture…Read more


    Meet EMMA – The A.I. Enabled Plagiarism Detector

    While we were still trying to wrap our heads around the app that uses A.I. to analyze photos, a science professor named Aleksandr Marchenko has developed EMMA, the world’s first publicly available authorship identification web app that uses A.I. to detect plagiarism.

    Brandmark Uses Artificial Intelligence to Design Logos for You

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    The way EMMA works is pretty simple. Before you’re able to use the tool, you’ll first need to train the A.I. to recognize an author’s particular style. To do so, the A.I. will request samples of the author’s work, requiring you to upload either a single document that contains around 5,000 or multiple documents in order to hit the 5,000-word quota.

    teach your emmateach your emma

    Once the training is complete, you can feed EMMA with 200 word-long articles, after which the bot would analyze the writing style of the article and determine who is the likely author behind it.

    teach your emmateach your emma

    According to EMMA’s developers, the A.I. app has an accuracy rating of 85%, which is said to be the highest rating engineers have been able to achieve. After a short experiment, I’m inclined to believe that statement as EMMA is able to identify the authors of the articles that I’ve submitted.

    5k words required5k words required

    While the app itself is still in its beta stages, EMMA will prove to be a particularly handy tool for journalists, writer, teachers, and other occupations where writing is of particular importance.

    who finds emma helpfulwho finds emma helpful
    Facebook Introduces an A.I. Assistant Into its Messenger App

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    In 2015, Facebook teased the world with M, a digital assistant that is made for the Messenger app.…Read more


    10 Best Windows Search Alternatives

    Windows Search features is a handy tool to easily find what you are looking for in your system. However, it also comes with its own drawbacks, for example, it doesn’t search contents of a file and can be really slow as well.

    8 Handy Windows Built-in Tools You Might Not Know About

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    If the built-in search feature isn’t cutting it, then you can customize your Windows 10 by installing awesome third-party Windows search tools. Below we have listed 10 of the best alternatives to Windows Search feature.


    My personal favorite, Everything is astonishingly light, fast and easy to use search tool for Windows. It may not be loaded with tons of features, but it does a great job of finding files and folders quickly.

    It only lets you search for files and folders using their name, but this allows it to be fast and it can quickly index PC data in just a few seconds (about 8-10 seconds in my case).

    The results are updated in real-time just as you start typing and there is no delay in displaying them. It also has some other handy features, like the ability to sort data using different factors, search for specific types of files, open files from its interface and bookmark files/folder to quickly access them later.

    What’s special?
    • Easy to use.
    • Fast results.
    • Shows full index in one place.


    Listary is basically a file explorer assistant that focuses on making you productive. When you’re inside Windows file explorer, just start typing what you need and the results will start appearing in real-time. You can also press Ctrl key twice to bring up the search bar anywhere and start searching.

    You can create keywords to directly search inside online websites, such as “fb” to directly search in Facebook search. Some of its other features include keyboard shortcuts, option to add filters, create executable commands and assign shortcuts to them, recent files and complete file history.

    Furthermore, it also has many themes to customize its interface. Listary free version is only available for personal use, you should upgrade to pro version if you want to use it in a business environment or want more control.

    Also, Listray is able to list Windows settings and programs in the search results as well. Something I didn’t find in any of the other tools in this list.

    What’s special?
    • Direct typing in the file explorer.
    • Fast indexing and results.
    • Search the internet as well.
    • It also indexes Windows settings and native programs.


    UltraSearch scans MFT (Master File Table) of your drive partition to look for data instead of indexing everything in your PC. This allows it to let you immediately start a search without having the need to index data first. It may not be able to track file changes in real-time, but you can always rescan MFT to manually update data.

    Apart from MFT based search, you can use filters, create search patterns, use data type to look for files and sort the results using different factors. UltraSearch also has an interesting “Content search” feature that lets you search for content inside the files. This feature is a little slow in working but invaluable.

    What’s special?
    • Scans MFT and doesn’t require indexing.
    • Search content of files.

    SearchMyFiles by Nirsoft

    Nirsoft is known for highly customizable tools and SearchMyFiles is its one of the most customizable search tools that offers full control over your search. I would not say it is one of the best alternative to built-in Windows search, mainly because it takes a few seconds to set up your search and the results take a bit of time as well to show up.

    However, it’s customization tools make it perfect for finding hard to pinpoint files. You can use tools such as wildcards, excludable folders, exclude file extensions, adjustable file size, subfolders depth, file attributes and time when the file was created/modified/accessed to find the exact file.

    It also has a reliable content search feature that lets you search contents of files. You can use text, binary or wildcard to specify what type of content the file may contain.

    What’s special?
    • Highly customizable search filters.
    • Search text and binary content inside the files.
    search my filesearch my file


    MasterSeeker is another very easy to use Windows search tool that is also very fast. In my experience, it was very quick in indexing all of my data and took hardly 3 seconds to index all the drives.

    You have three search fields at the top of the interface, Filename, Directory and File Size. Filename allows you to search for files/folder by their name, Directory bar lets you select the directory where you want to search and File Size bar lets you search for files by size.

    I really liked search by file size feature that allows you to quickly enter file size to look for matching files and filter results using signs like > , < , = or ~.

    What’s special?
    • Fast indexing.
    • Reliable search for files by size.

    Quick Search

    Quick Search has a sleek interface and it’s very intuitive to use. It quickly indexes all the data and shows it in columns such as documents, photos, videos, shortcuts, and music, etc. On top of that, it has a handy preview section that shows a preview of each file to select.

    When you will search for content, it will highlight your search keywords in the results and also show recommended related searches on the internet (powered by Bing). I must say Quick Search has the best interface of all the apps in this list; it’s sleek, interactive and simply works.

    What’s special?
    • Shows data in categories by default.
    • You can preview data.
    • Highlights the keyword in search results.
    • Shows related searches from Bing.
    quick searchquick search


    An open-source Windows search alternative that completely focuses on indexing and finding content inside files. For privacy reasons, it lets you specify which part of the hard drive should be indexed, unlike other tools that index all the data on the hard drive.

    Once the files are indexed, you can quickly look for any type of content inside the files. Unfortunately, DocFetcher doesn’t offer real-time results for its searches, so you will have to click on the “Search” button every time.

    What’s special?
    • Comprehensive search tool for finding content inside the files.
    • Indexes only the specified directory.


    FileSearchy lets you quickly search for data inside your PC and also the content inside the files. Although it is only limited to document formats for searching the content, but it’s really quick at finding the content. Along with the name, you can also search files by date and their size.

    There are other handy search customization features available as well, such as ability to use wildcards, do a multi keyword search, exact word search, case sensitive search and more. It also highlights the searched keywords in results and you can see a complete history of searches anytime you like.

    What’s special?
    • Search for file content.
    • You can do multi keyword search.
    • Highlights keyword in search results.
    • Keeps full history of searches.


    Another open-source search tool similar to DocFetcher that lets you select a specific directory to index instead of indexing everything. Searchmonkey interface is very fast and easy to use, arguably better than DocFetcher.

    You can search for both file names in the indexed data and content inside the file. However, I found its content search capabilities to be more reliable than finding actual files.

    Just provide search directory and what you are looking for in the file content. Searchmonkey will quickly find all the files and show a preview of the content right inside its interface. The content you searched for will be highlighted in red.

    What’s special?
    • Indexes specified directory only.
    • Easy to use and fast.
    • Search for file content.
    • Previews content with keyword highlighted.
    search monkeysearch monkey


    Although FileSleek is a paid tool, but it has a powerful free version that should work fine for personal use. FileSleek is capable of finding both files/folders and content inside the files.

    You can search multiple directories at the same time, filter data by pattern/names/types, preview results, search for an exact keyword, search by time, search by size and much more.

    For finding content inside the files, you can either use regular expressions or advanced expressions using operators like +, -, and, OR, etc. With the paid version, you will get few extra features like the ability to open results in multiple tabs, export data, sync your data with other devices, and few more.

    What’s special?
    • Search multiple directories simultaneously.
    • Powerful filters.
    • Advanced expressions available for content search.

    Time to search like a pro

    If your only need is to search for files and folders quickly, then Everything is definitely a reliable option. However, if you want to be more productive, then nothing can beat Listray thanks to its in-depth search capabilities and reliable features. I also found Quick Search by glary soft to be pleasing, do give it a try if you can’t decide anything.

    What are Windows Services & How to Use Them

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    Best iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Cases So Far

    No matter how much Apple boasts about the durability of the iPhone 8 glass back, it’s still prone to breakage. Your mobile’s screen can be kept safe by applying screen protectors, however, for the glass back you need a sturdy case (especially when its back glass is more expensive to fix than the screen).

    Whether you want style, extreme durability, or extra features like a kickstand, there are a plethora of cases for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to choose the best for your needs. Below I have listed 20 best iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases that can offer reliable protection to your new iPhone.

    iPhone 8 Cases

    Trianium Duranium iPhone 8 Case

    Specifically manufactured for iPhone 8, this Trianium case is made to offer optimum durability and ease of use. It has a shock absorbing TPU inner and slightly bulged corners to prevent direct pressure to the glass back. It also has a belt holster that doubles up as a kickstand for hands-free viewing. ($16.95)

    Trianium Duranium iPhone 8 CaseTrianium Duranium iPhone 8 Case

    Maxboost iPhone 8 Wallet Case

    This is a leather wallet case to safe keep both your iPhone 8 and your cards. The case offers front, back, and corners protection to your phone, and has 3 slots to slide in your cards. There is also a pocket to keep cash, and the case doubles up as a horizontal view kickstand. ($12.99)

    Maxboost iPhone 8 Wallet CaseMaxboost iPhone 8 Wallet Case

    iPhone 8 Clear Graphics Case

    If you want protection and also want to show off your new iPhone 8, then this is the case you should get. It’s a slim and completely transparent iPhone 8 case that keeps the phone still in view while offering reliable protection. The case has passed Otterbox over 24 drop tests, and it’s raised edges also protect the screen. ($44.95)

    iPhone 8 Clear Graphics CaseiPhone 8 Clear Graphics Case

    iPhone 8 Ultra Thin Skin Case

    A minimal case that only focuses on keeping the slim look of your phone. It’s extremely slim being just 0.45mm thin. There are precise cutouts for buttons, camera, and ports, and a transparent version of the case is also available if you want to keep the phone in view. ($25)

    iPhone 8 Ultra Thin Skin CaseiPhone 8 Ultra Thin Skin Case

    Silk iPhone 8 PureView Case

    Another fully transparent iPhone 8 case that lets you show off your iPhone 8 while protecting it. The case has a diamond back design that really enhances your iPhone look, and it uses air cushion system to absorb shocks. Additionally, both front and back plate is raised to prevent scratching or directly impacting the phone.

    Silk iPhone 8 PureView CaseSilk iPhone 8 PureView Case

    OtterBox iPhone 8 Defender Series Case

    Another case for you daredevils out there who have a higher tendency of dropping their phone often. This heavy case fully covers your phone with an inner shell, durable outer cover, and a screen protector (plastic one). The case keeps your phone safe from drops and even dust with its port covers. ($44.96)

    OtterBox iPhone 8 Defender Series CaseOtterBox iPhone 8 Defender Series Case

    i-Blason Armorbox iPhone 8 Case

    If the above offering from OtterBox seems a rather expensive, then i-Blason also has a cheap yet durable option. The case has polycarbonate exterior and TPU interior with a screen protector to fully protect your device. There are shock absorbent cushions on the corners to prevent damage from drops. ($16.19)

    i-Blason Armorbox iPhone 8 Casei-Blason Armorbox iPhone 8 Case

    Presidio Metallic iPhone 8 Case

    If you loved the metallic back of the previous iPhones, then you’ll surely love this case. It’s a metal case that is sturdy and keeps your phone safe from up to 10-feet drops. Although I doubt it will work with your phone’s wireless charger. ($44.95)

    Presidio Metallic iPhone 8 CasePresidio Metallic iPhone 8 Case

    Evo Wallet

    This case basically has two parts, there’s a cover style case to snug on your phone for protection and then you can attach a wallet style case over it. It has been vigorously tested for up to 10-feet drop protection and both cases successfully survived the drops. There are also concealed pockets to slip in two cards. ($49.95)

    Evo WalletEvo Wallet

    Caseology Parallax Series iPhone 8 Case

    It’s a dual protection case with hard polycarbonate surroundings and smooth TPU base. The TPU base has a geometric design that offers better grip and also looks awesome. There are dedicated button coverings that offer crisp feedback and prevent dust. ($13.99)

    Caseology Parallax Series iPhone 8 CaseCaseology Parallax Series iPhone 8 Case

    iPhone 8 Plus Cases

    Ansiwee Armor iPhone 8 Plus Case

    A very slim and sleek iPhone case that is also very durable, Ansiwee Armor has a TPU and PU finishing with a very slim and transparent design. There are 4 raised areas at the back to protect scratches and guard the phone from side drops. ($8.99)

    Ansiwee Armor iPhone 8 Plus CaseAnsiwee Armor iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Ulak PU Leather Wallet Case

    It’s a nice wallet case for your iPhone 8 Plus with multiple features for convenience. Inside, there are multiple slots to slip in cash or cards and the wallet protects the phone from all the sides. There is also the detachable wrist strap to easily carry it around, and you can also use it as a kickstand for hands-free viewing. ($9.99)

    Ulak PU Leather Wallet CaseUlak PU Leather Wallet Case

    SaharaCase iPhone 8 Plus Case

    A fully transparent case for your iPhone 8 Plus that covers your phone from all sides with a durable PU material body. What makes this case so interesting is its glass tempered screen protection that basically gives your iPhone 8’s screen another life. Overall, it’s a slim, durable, and well thought out case that is available at an affordable price. ($19.95)

    SaharaCase iPhone 8 Plus CaseSaharaCase iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Matone Crystal Clear iPhone 8 Plus Case

    This best seller iPhone case is probably the best deal you can get for your money. It’s a fully transparent iPhone case that offers amazing protection without changing the look of your phone. It’s a light and slim case with TPU finishing to absorb shocks. Although it doesn’t have a screen protector, it’s raised front corners do prevent scratches on the screen. ($6.99)

    Matone Crystal Clear iPhone 8 Plus CaseMatone Crystal Clear iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Evo Gem

    Evo Gem is all about making your iPhone 8 Plus look exquisite while still protecting it from up to 10-feet drops. Although it’s not fully transparent, you can still see the phone in different colors depending on your choice of the case. Evo Gem is available in green, pink, and lilac colors, and has a gem style back that looks really beautiful. ($39.95)

    Evo GemEvo Gem

    Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Spigen Tough Armor focuses on offering the best protection to your phone along with a sleek design. The case has dual-layered protection with TPU body and PC material back. It uses Air Cushion technology to absorb drops, and the case is raised from the front and back to prevent direct contact. There is even a kickstand for hands-free viewing. ($20.99)

    Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 8 Plus CaseSpigen Tough Armor iPhone 8 Plus Case

    OtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Coming from OtterBox, the case does offer great protection, but its amazing collection of designs is what makes it interesting. It has up to 24 different designs to choose from. Some are simple and some are a complete work of art. Even the buttons and cutouts have different designs. For better protection, it has dual-layer protection with raised sides. ($49.99)

    OtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone 8 Plus CaseOtterBox Symmetry Series iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Casetify Initial Leather Case

    It’s a premium iPhone 8 Plus case that has been fully constructed with high-quality leather. The case has dedicated button covers to prevent dust and provide crisp feedback, and the precise cuts ensure easy access to ports. Of course, it can’t offer as good protection as other hard cases, but the protection is still reliable if you don’t drop the phone too often. ($59)

    Casetify Initial Leather CaseCasetify Initial Leather Case

    OtterBox Strada Series Folio Case

    Another premium leather case that offers great style with reinforced protection. It’s a wallet style slim case for iPhone 8 Plus that has premium leather outside and stiff material inside for added protection. There is a card slot as well and the case passes OtterBox strict 10-ft drop tests. ($59.95)

    OtterBox Strada Series Folio CaseOtterBox Strada Series Folio Case

    A-Focus iPhone 8 Plus Case

    A beautiful case with an amazing marble design. This is actually made of sturdy TPU material that offers reliable protection from drops while giving a soft feeling. The printing uses IMD technology that never fades, and the phone is available in 22 graphics. The material is anti-scratch and anti-smudge. ($10.88)

    A-Focus iPhone 8 Plus CaseA-Focus iPhone 8 Plus Case

    Ending Thoughts

    All of the above cases offer enough protection to keep your iPhone 8 and Plus safe in regular use. Although, some of these durable cases can sustain even a powerful hit, most will only be able to survive a 10-feet drop. I personally like OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 8 and Matone for iPhone 8 Plus. Which one of these cases did you like?