Generate Documentation with Markdown Files Using Docsify

If you’re creating a free plugin, framework, or open-source script you’ll need documentation. It’s crucial to document your work, both for your sanity and to help others who want to learn your awesome resource.

However, creating online documentation can be a real pain. Thankfully, Docsify makes it easier by providing a free documentation generator running on Markdown.

This is not a typical static site generator and it does not require static HTML/CSS pages. Instead, it loads Markdown files dynamically and displays them as web pages. Pretty neat!

Docsify homepageDocsify homepage

Check out the Docsify homepage for a preview of the layout, along with further setup details.

It does require that you create the index.html file yourself, which can then be uploaded to GitHub Pages or hosted on your own server. From there, you just write Markdown files for each page and use those as your primary docs.

The entire process is outlined in detail in the quick start guide, so that’s probably the best place to start. This can all run through npm, so it really helps to know your command prompt or at least be willing to learn.

It is possible to create a raw HTML file yourself and just copy/paste the template from Docsify’s setup guide. But, I recommend doing it dynamically, since it saves a ton of time—and isn’t that really the point?

As you learn the Docsify system, you can add features using Markdown or raw HTML. These features include a custom navigation bar and even your own cover page with your project’s logo.

Docsify even comes packaged with a bunch of free themes if you want pre-designed layouts to work with. Or, you can browse through their showcase gallery to see which projects use Docsify for their documentation.

Docsify example documentationDocsify example documentation

All the basic setup info & file downloads can be found on GitHub, so head over there if you want to give this a shot.

You can also see a live demo on the main Docsify documentation page which, sure enough, runs on Docsify. So, if you like that web page layout you can use that same template and run it all through Docsify, 100% free and open-source.



20+ Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox

Dropbox is a useful cloud storage, but most users do not realize that it can be way more powerful if you know how to make the most use of it. If combined with the right services, Dropbox can do almost anything imaginable in the cloud space.

So, in this post, I’m listing some of the most popular Dropbox tools and services that enhance your favorite cloud’s power and allow you to do a lot more with Dropbox. Let’s check them.


Writebox is a free online editor to write and save ideas, notes, and outlines that sync with your Dropbox account. All you need to do is log in to Writebox and start typing, and after you are done writing, just sync it with Dropbox. All your notes will be saved in a predefined Dropbox folder – ready to be accessed from anywhere on any device.



Jotform is a free web-based tool to create and embed forms in websites. It’s a great tool to collect data such as emails, survey answers, phone numbers, etc. Its seamless integration with Dropbox allows you to store the data from your forms directly in your Dropbox account – saving your form data safely in the cloud.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox lets you schedule backups of your WordPress blog or site. The backups include your website’s database and media (photos and videos), which are pushed directly to your Dropbox and help in restoring your website easily at the time of crisis.

The plugin also lets you configure date, time and backup frequency and even allows choosing specific files or directories to back up on scheduled basis.

wordpress backup to dropboxwordpress backup to dropbox

Gimme Bar

You can bookmark images, text, media or videos from the web browser directly to Dropbox by creating a free account at Gimme Bar. It’s as easy as to drag and drop links, tweets, photos, screenshots into its bookmarklet, and within some seconds, those will sync to the predefined folder or library in your Dropbox.

gimme bargimme bar


Wappwolf gives you the power to sync files between cloud-based apps using Dropbox. You can drag and drop files into predefined Dropbox folder and Wappwolf will perform an action accordingly. The actions include converting files, uploading to Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, etc., syncing to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sugarsync, and many more.

automate your dropboxautomate your dropbox


DropPages is an incredible service that enables you to host a website directly from your Dropbox. Just open DropPages > connect to your Dropbox > choose a domain name > download any pre-loaded theme and edit it to create your website. You can even upload your old static site to DropPages’s folder to host it straight from Dropbox.



Viivo is a multi-platform solution that encrypts your cloud data in Dropbox. The tool allows to access or download the encrypted files to/from Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

Viivo encrypts the data on your device before sending it to Dropbox and thus, helps keep your files safe from hackers and data thieves even if your Dropbox gets hijacked.



Jing gives you the power to share your ideas immediately via a virtual clipboard. You can share your thoughts, designs and more with other people using screenshots, images and videos. Its seamless integration with Dropbox gives you access to enough cloud space to share or save anything to revisit them later.



JustCast allows you to host podcast services directly from your Dropbox. The tool also integrates seamlessly with iTunes to publish podcast to the web and iTunes. Just give JustCast access to your Dropbox, then drag and drop podcast (mp3) files into its designated folder, and the podcasts are instantly available for everyone to listen.



Invision is a well-known platform to transform static design files into interactive, clickable prototypes by adding animations and transitions. It proves a real powerhouse for design agencies with its feature to sync with Dropbox. You can now access, store, manage, sync and share your designs with the combined potential of Invision and Dropbox.



Marvel is a prototyping tool for teams that helps create prototypes, and lets teams share and collaborate on such projects. Its easy integration with Dropbox allows people to work on multiple projects seamlessly from different locations and sync designs or prototypes directly to/from the cloud storage in your Dropbox account.



Wevideo is an easy to use but powerful cloud-based collaborative video editor. With its integration with Dropbox, you can now access videos directly from your cloud folders (on Dropbox), edit and share them straight from the browser. Additionally, you can upload the edited videos to Vimeo to showcase your excellent work.



Remark lets your team collaborate during video review sessions by letting them leave comments as time-stamps on the video itself. Its collaboration with Dropbox allows you to access and review videos directly from Dropbox, and leave suggestions and remarks (in form of comments, drawings or voice notes) or approve them from any device.


Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a visual project management tool that features time tracking, team collaboration, and project analytics. With its Dropbox integration, Kanban Tool allows teams to work cohesively and access shared documents. It organizes and classifies all your Dropbox files, thereby streamlining business processes and improving workflow.

kanban toolkanban tool


PandaDoc is a new-gen, web-based document editor that helps automate contracts, proposals, and quotes. Its integration with Dropbox allows you to access, edit or e-sign documents from anywhere on any device. For example, you can send contracts to clients for e-signing and store the signed document directly in your Dropbox.



Sitebox is a static site generator that integrates straight with Dropbox. Just sign in with your Dropbox and it’ll create a folder there to store your website. Then tell your email and site name, and Sitebox will create a template website in that folder. You can now edit your site, copy your old static site in that folder or publish it directly from Sitebox.



SortMyBox allows you to organize your Dropbox data by creating magic folders that sort files per preset rules. The tool gives you the option to create filters and sort out files just like you can do for emails in Microsoft Outlook or other email clients. SortMyBox also keeps logs of all the files and their moves per sorting rules to avoid misplacing them.


Send to Dropbox

One of its kind service, Send to Dropbox helps you save email attachments directly to your Dropbox in a distinct “Attachments” folder. That’s not all, it also features folder organization, email whitelists and more for free. It’s a very useful Dropbox tool for people getting lots of mails (like us) having important file attachments like project files, article submissions, bank statements, etc.



Mover is a cloud-based data migration service that allows you to migrate and transfer files between different cloud storage providers. The tool safeguards your data and files during transfers using end-to-end encryption. Mover also allows to schedule backups by setting up scalable schedulers that backup your data to your choice of cloud.



IFTTT is a process automation tool that connects with hundreds of popular apps and websites including Dropbox to automate anything using if-then sequences. For example, you can create an IFTTT rule so that every time you post an image on your Twitter page, a copy of the same is automatically downloaded to your Dropbox.



Mihand is a free web-based service to organize your Dropbox folders using tags. Instead of manually creating folders and arranging files, you can use Mihand to create them for you automatically. It’s just as simple as to add tags to files or folders to classify them, and this tool auto-arranges them as per the tags on them.



Handy for anyone who uses multiple cloud-based services, Otixo links the services forming an easy to use cloud file manager. It’s a handy cloud manager that supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Box and more clouds. With Otixo, you can preview, search, copy, move, backup and drag & drop files between different cloud services.


Dropbox Folder Sync

Dropbox Folder Sync is a simple add-on for Dropbox to seamlessly sync folders outside the de facto Dropbox folder. It proves handy in syncing games, browser profiles, Outlook’s data, music libraries, etc. to Dropbox from their own locations. You just need to the right-click on a folder and choose Dropbox Folder Sync > Sync with Dropbox.

folder sync add on folder sync add on


Boxcryptor helps you encrypt files for uploading them seamlessly to Dropbox. The tool ensures privacy, of your data in the cloud and protects them against data thefts, identity thefts, and other malicious attacks. Boxcryptor works with many cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Google Drive, OnDrive, Box, etc.



One must have Dropbox installed on the device to access your account and sync files seamlessly on the device. DropboxPortableAHK, however, solves this problem making Dropbox portable and accessible on any computer, say at cyber cafes. Moreover, it even allows to login to multiple Dropbox accounts on a single system.

dropbox portable ahkdropbox portable ahk


This is the Mac version of Dropbox Folder Sync Add-on and works the same – folders outside of Dropbox can be synced. You can use it by right clicking on a folder and select ‘Sync with Dropbox (via MacDropAny)’ or dragging the folder to the MacDropAny icon.



You’re normally not allowed to change the location of important files, but Dropboxifier allows you to ‘trick’ application files to read and write to Dropbox. You can then install Dropboxifier on another computer to access and edit the application data simultaneously which means you will have all your settings or data from your primary computer on the secondary one.


Wrap up

Well, that was all about the best free tools that give Dropbox a totally new dimension. And that’s not everything – you can do much more using these tools with Dropbox right in the cloud using your web browser only. Try it yourself!

Do you already use any such tool? Do you know more such tools to share? Don’t hesitate to reach to us using the comments section.


30 Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

Infographics are one of the best ways to present data without making your audience yawn with boredom. There are a lot of people who have impressive data, but what they don’t know is how to create informative and well-designed infographics.

Fortunately, there are many infographic tools that will help you create vivid charts and graphs within minutes and without much effort. Check out our list of over 40 infographic tools and create awesome infographics in no time.


Piktochart has one of the best tools to create interactive charts and maps. You can use animated charts using icons, text frames, themes and your own photos and videos.


Canva offers handy tools for designers, including an infographic tool. There are hundreds of templates and over a million stock images available, and you can even upload your own images.


Visme’s infographic tools section lets you create interactive infographics using charts, widgets, shapes and icons. There are handy pop-ups and animation features available to make your infographic beautiful.

vismevisme makes it easy to upload your data using different methods, including the ability to connect to a live data source. You can use over 35 chart templates to create stunning infographics.

You can find hundreds of free and paid infographic templates at Venngage. They also have handy tutorials to get you started.


Cacoo is a comprehensive diagram tool that allows you to create interactive Flowcharts, UML Diagrams, Network Diagrams, and Wireframes.


Kartograph is a great free tool to create illustrative and interactive maps. It has Python and JavaScript based tools to create the required maps.

Kinzaa has a handy wizard to help you create infographic resumes and interactive landing pages for websites.


Adioma is a smart infographics tool that automatically creates interactive infographics based on data provided. It has a smart AI that learns from your usage.


At, artists upload their own infographics to let others use them for free. You can browse graphs by type, category or popularity.
Google Data Studio

Google offers this handy data visualization tool to create engaging dashboards and reports using charts and graphs. It also offers the users to extract data from other Google services, such as Google AdSense.

Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio

Visually doesn’t offer any infographic tools itself, instead, it connects you with leading designers to get direct help with infographics at an affordable price.

VisuallyVisually has almost a million free stock images and infographic templates to help you create infographics for free. You can even get help from their designers or access webinars to get inspiration.

Vizydrop is a free automatic data visualization tool that will suggest interactive charts based on your data type and automatically input the data. You can import data from different sources and Vizydrop gives full control over data customization.

ArcGIS Infographics Add-on

This is actually an extension of the desktop-based interactive map creation tool ArcGIS. The extension allows you to add infographics right on the maps to help anyone easily follow them.

ArcGIS Infographics Add-onArcGIS Infographics Add-on

Edraw is an infographic application for Windows and Mac that lets you create cool charts and maps. It is fully customizable and has drawing tools as well to take full control.

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph offers scientific illustration tools for classes and projects including science related images, graphs, and charts. You can either create infographics yourself or ask for on-demand help.

Mind the GraphMind the Graph

Creately is a diagram creation tool that has handy features to quickly create over 50 different types of diagrams. You can also collaborate with other team members to create the perfect illustrations.


Icograms is still in its beta stage, but it has some really advanced infographic creation tools. You can create diagrams, maps, and charts using built-in templates and icons, or your own images. The infographics are also pixel perfect with pixel grid in mind.

Icon Archive

Icons play an important role in the creation of an infographic and Icon Archive has one of the biggest archives of icons. You can find both free and paid icons here.

Icon ArchiveIcon Archive

Medialoot offers plethora of tools for designers that you can either download separately or access all with the monthly subscription. There are hundreds of icons, fonts, mockups, and graphics tools available.

Timeline JS

An open-source and easy-to-use tool, TimelineJS enables you to create interactive and aesthetically powerful timelines by using Google spreadsheet only. With this tool you can create cool infographics related to events and occurances in chronological order.

Timeline JSTimeline JS

You can find a number of vector art here on Peecheey that is available for download for free. There are many types of vector art available catering to different industries.

InFoto Free

A tool that generates infographics using your photos, InFoto Free is an photo stats analyzer for Android. With it you can create high-res infographics related to your photos based on places, dates and time, and other information such as ISO, shutter speed, and camera orientation etc.

InFoto FreeInFoto Free

More Infographic Tools

Here are more tools that might come in handy when creating infographics.

  • – A free and useful tool to create illustrative and interactive maps, Kartograph has Python and JavaScript-based tools to create the required maps.
  • PaanGO – Create infographic style resume with this free tool. It comes with a complete step-by-step wizard and multiple infographic templates to create impactful resumes.
  • Tagxedo – Tagxedo is an automatic word cloud creator that offers you multiple features (themes and fonts) to present your data in the form of interesting word clouds.
  • StatPlanet – Present your data through interactive graphs and maps with StatPlanet. It automatically creates infographics using maps, time period, graphs and charts when you import the data.
  • Gliffy – Gliffy offers you to make flowcharts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, org charts, network diagrams, wireframes, technical drawings that you can collaborate with your team online.
  • – Chart are integral parts of infographics, that you can easily create with You can use animations and in-depth navigation tools to create the perfect interactive charts.


Interview with Rachel Miller

Onalytica Interview with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller – Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Strategy at TopRank Marketing

Key Topics: 
Influencer Marketing, Social Strategy, Marketing Technology, Digital Marketing

Location: California, USA

Bio: Rachel has over 15 years of experience in marketing with expertise in social media marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing. Her digital strategy has achieved global recognition working with a broad range of clients spanning enterprise to startup. Rachel is an avid learner which is essential in the fast moving social space and is an adviser to many popular social business applications where she provides feature evaluations to support product innovation.


My career has been wonderfully diverse. I started in graphic design, transitioned to content marketing and then social media marketing and now influencer marketing which allows me to combine all my prior experience and skills.

I’ve been focused on influencer marketing for the past 6 years working at brands and agencies. I believe influencer marketing to be one of the most effective marketing strategies available to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Nothing is more powerful than seeing someone that looks like you, has the some pain points, interests and goals as you, share how a product or service made their life better.


I am very excited about mobile marketing and how content marketing is evolving to embrace voice search and AI technologies. I consume and create a lot of content on my mobile phone and it is even becoming my number one purchasing device. Its inspiring to see what individuals and brands are currently doing with mobile and where technology and endless creativity will take us in the future.

I am a huge advocate for the micro influencer movement.  I believe in the importance of leveraging tools and technologies such as AI to find individuals who are genuinely causing people to take action – not just the big names on every “Top XYZ” list.


Outside of the TopRank Marketing team, who all truly influence me daily, I regularly consume content from:

I think it’s important to see what people are doing in different segments of digital marketing – not just specific expertise but also target demographics.

Continuously identifying new thought leaders in your areas of interest is the best way to stay informed and best serve clients and peers.


I love comedy and am big fans of female comedians such as Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler who are hilarious, inspirational and use their influence for social good.

I follow a lot of cooking, fitness and music profiles on Instagram. Their use of Instagram Stories and Instagram Photo Albums for storytelling is a great source of inspiration I can directly apply to my marketing strategies.




I love podcasts and listen to a variety for education and entertainment.

I am generally open to all forms of collaboration as long as there is mutual synergy. I enjoy helping others tell their stories. I love interviewing and asking questions to highlight the smarts, successes, and personality of those not used to telling their stories in a public setting.


I’m a big believer of engaging and supporting influencers before making an ask. Any brands that do that will happily get my attention.


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8 Human Jobs A.I. Robots Will Eventually Take Over

Advances in AI and automation has been making the mainstream news as of late. It’s not just Filipinos or Mexicans taking white people’s jobs, our robot overlords are taking over the playing field too. Of course, that’s just a joke. I mean, the former is a joke but the latter is true. AI and automation will soon actually displace many people in the workforce.

Think of it like when the first automobile was invented. Many horse-drawn carriage drivers lost their jobs because people slowly started to prefer automobiles. Same happened with the invention of the printing press. Many scribes, those who copied books manually for a living lost their jobs.

To take a modern approach, just take a look at the factories we have now. Big machines everywhere producing and wrapping and boxing products at every turn. From bread to bottles of soda to computers and automobiles.

Let’s take a realistic view of the jobs that will go away soon due to AI and automation.

1. Factory Workers

One of the biggest victims of automation will be people working on the assembly line making small parts fit with bigger parts in order to build a music player, a game console, a smartphone, you name it. In fact, a revolution has already started in China. Specifically, in Dongguan City in Guangdong province.

factory robot workerfactory robot worker
Japan Times | REUTERS

A technology company opened a factory cut down their number of employees from 650 to just 60 and production rose by 162.5% with 5% defect rate down from 25%. According to the company, they plan on lowering their number of human employees to just 20 in the near future. These employees are just there to monitor the systems.

2. Lawyers

The first artificially intelligent lawyer has just been hired and it can do by itself what hundreds of associates or paralegals can in a day in just a minute.

His name is ROSS, and I’m not sure if it’s a reference to Suit’s Mike Ross, but ROSS does a better job I’m sure. ROSS can dig up even the most obscure references from decades ago and will provide his relevant opinion on the case at hand – without bias.

In the near future, bigger law firms will utilize AI to do their research and other legal work for them, which will then drastically cut the number of human employees needed to work on a case, and cutting down time too, thus effectively slashing attorney fees for the clients.

3. Accountants

In the past, when people wanted to joke around with accountants they used to say, “Of course, accountants just count numbers so it’s only very possible that their job can be easily taken over by a computer” . But today more than ever this statement is becoming very true.

401 calculator401 calculator
401K Calculator

In fact, the “Big Four” companies namely; EY, PwC, KPMG, and Deloitte, that provide services like tax audits, accounting, and other meticulous professional services, agree that the need for accountancy graduates will be halved by 2020.

Just recently, SMACC, a financial management company, secured a $3.5 million funding for their AI accounting system. So, what do you think about the future of accountants?

4. Service Crew

McDonald’s has begun fully automating their fast food chains. Building a fast food chain fully operated by robots (with two or three humans for maintenance) is actually cheaper than training and hiring human employees for the service industry, and many food service industry executives agree.

In fact, a McDonald’s franchise in Phoenix is fully run by robots. Well, not fully because it is also staffed by humans whose job is to make sure the robots are all operational.


If McDonald’s little experimentation continues successfully, what would stopping other big fast food chains and service-related businesses to follow through

5. Video Editors

This one is still in its infancy, but take a moment and watch this video first:

Now, tell me, if you didn’t know that an AI tool was fed with the entire video and it came up with this trailer, would you believe it was done by an AI? Possibly not. Sure, many professional video editors would argue that it’s far from perfect, but that’s how it starts, doesn’t it?

If AI tools can edit videos like this today, how do you think it would look a year or two from now?

6. Song Writers and Composers

Here’s another video for you to watch:

First, let’s clear one thing: No, the AI did not sing the song. It has, however, composed and wrote its lyrics, then a human composer arranged everything. But hey, you got to admit that the song is actually something worth listening to.

If an AI tool can come up with some simple words for a song today, imagine how many heads it can roll in the music industry if more advancements and improvements are done to it.

7. Writers

Well, robots merely follow a given set of instructions and you can’t teach them how to be creative, right guys?


AIs, basic and advanced, have begun writing and editing on their own. The case in point is Google’s AI which is a dramatic fiction writer. As is with all Google-related AIs, it uses Google’s neural networks to produce something magnificent. Here’s the paper published by Google about this matter.

Here is an example poem written by this AI:

Though it sounds like an angsty teen wrote it, and that’s because the AI was fed with 12,000 romance novels among other things. It literally learned from the material it was given, just like humans!

Also, have you heard about EMMA, the AI-enabled plagiarism detector that can easily identify authorship if a specific number of documents are uploaded to it.

8. Translators and Language Teachers

Of course, it’s Google again with their AI and propensity for making everyone understand each other, no matter what the language. We all saw this coming with Google Translate a decade ago, but their system of translation is getting better with their neural network.

Instead of comparing words and phrases and translating them like in the dictionary, this new method they developed over several years they are taking a step away from direct translations and have entered the contextual translation.

For example, there are specific words that are hard to translate into another language. What Google does is it breaks the sentence down and treats them as separate, then uses context to provide a proper translation.

Of course couple this with Waverly Labs’ real-time translation device (among the many) and you’ll find yourself talking to everyone on the planet in no time.

Sum and substance

There’s nothing to fear in the near future, of course, but it won’t hurt if you steer clear from these professions and trades.

In fact, the world is in need of more tradesmen and craftsmen now more than ever because almost everyone is going to college and is oversaturating the professional fields ‐ all the while forgetting other trades like farming, electronic repairing, plumbing, crafting, and other jobs that do not require college degrees.


BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, December 11, 2017

Good morning, job hunters. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

Let’s start the week with good stuff. Here’s something to motivate you: the best blog writing jobs – and more – from our Job Board.

Paid blogging jobs

Business Article Writer – $300 per article

You Exec is an exclusive membership-based business organization. All our members are business managers, directors, VPs, among others — who work in a corporate environment. We are seeking a writer, familiar with business terminologies, who can write 1,500 to 2,000 word original articles. For each article we expect 3-4 hours worth of research.

Freelance Travel Writer

The Media Team here at Secret Escapes are looking for a writer to support a new exciting project. You will write content for an Australian content guide to achieve our partner’s goals and aspirations within tight deadlines (we have around 7 days).

UX Writer

UX writers are needed to craft the intuitive, inspiring text seen and heard in products across the web, on mobile, in homes and cars — always acting as an advocate for users.

Premium Content Writers to write 1,000 Word Articles for new travel blog

123 Media Buyers is starting a blog relating to travel and money-saving tips whilst abroad. They are looking for people to blog (4-10x/month) about topics given to them. You will have to research the topics to write content that provides real value, not a rehash of what you googled on the topic.

Freelance Copywriter at Omaze

Omaze is looking for talented comedy copywriter to shape the creative strategy of their campaigns and lend their voice to a broad range of original content spanning video, social media, email and site copy.


How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Recently, notifications on my Android phone were being delayed by up to 15 minutes, and sometimes didn’t even reach me until I open the app. It was quite frustrating and I missed many urgent messages. However, it turns out it was mostly a fault on my end. As I was trying to optimize my phone for better performance, I made some mistakes in the process.

If you are also facing a laggy Android phone causing delayed notifications, then there are a bunch of reasons why it may be happening. In this post, I’ll list all the solutions to delayed notifications on Android.

Stop using battery & phone optimizing apps

Most phone and battery optimizing apps close all the background processes to free up RAM and put less load on the phone. This may boost your phone speed, but it will lead to delayed or no notifications from your apps.

A lot of these background processes sync data and deliver notifications. Once they are disabled, you would not be able to receive any updates from the installed apps unless you open them or they have a feature to automatically turn on.

Don’t kill background processes yourself

Following up to the above point, many users like to disable background processes from the Android settings to get a bit performance boost. Don’t do it, at least not for the apps from which you are expecting notifications, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

You should also refrain from task-killing apps that promise to completely shut down the app when you close an app using them. They also kill background processes while closing the app interface.

Use Power Saver mode wisely

If you have a phone running Android Lollipop or newer operating system, then you must know about the Power Saver mode that helps you get more juice out of the battery.

Usually, you are asked to turn on the battery saver mode when your battery goes below 15%, which is great for keeping your phone alive when you need it. However, Power Saver mode disables an important feature of the phone i.e. data syncing.

While Power Saver mode is enabled, no app will syncs data in the background to keep you updated so you will not receive any notifications either. Don’t keep Power Saver mode enabled all the time, and only enable it on low battery when you are sure you are not waiting for an important message.

Keep Wi-Fi enabled at all times

In case you only receive notifications as soon as you unlock the screen, then there is a chance that your Wi-Fi gets disabled when your phone goes to sleep. It’s good for battery saving, but bad for data syncing.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Go to phone Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Now tap on the main menu at the top-right corner and select Advanced from it.
  3. On the next page, ensure “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” option is set to Always.
  4. keep wifi on while sleepkeep wifi on while sleep

This should keep Wi-Fi on when the screen goes black and show notifications in time.

Fixing delayed notifications for a particular app

If the notifications are being delayed for a particular app and not all of the apps, then there are multiple ways to fix it. First, make sure it is properly syncing data in the background over mobile data connection:

  1. Go to phone Settings, tap on Data Usage.
  2. Select the respective app, make sure “Restrict app background data” feature is turned off.
  3. disable restrict data usagedisable restrict data usage

If that’s not the problem, then you can also try deleting cache of the app.

  1. Go to Apps from the phone Settings and open up the respective app.
  2. Tap on“Clear Cache” button to flush the cache.
  3. You can also tap on‘Clear data” button to delete all the data of the app.

However, this will also delete all the app preferences and saved data unless it is backed up in the cloud.

delete app cachedelete app cache

Decrease Android Heartbeat Interval

Almost all of the messaging apps in your phone use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service to send push notifications. Your phone keeps a stable connection with this service to ensure you receive timely notifications.

For this purpose, your phone will send a network packet called a “Heartbeat” after every few minutes to ensure you are connected and able to receive notifications. The packet interval is 15 minutes for Wi-Fi connection, and 28 minutes for mobile data connection.

Now there is a tiny problem, most routers and carriers disconnect from an inactive port after few minutes of inactivity, usually 5 minutes. So if you will not receive a notification for 5 minutes, then your connection will be terminated. And you will not receive any notifications until another packet (heartbeat) is sent and a connection is made.

To solve this problem, we simply need to speed up the frequency of the heartbeat packet. And for this purpose, you can use the free app Push Notifications Fixer. After installation, you will see two options, Mobile heartbeat interval, and Wi-Fi heartbeat interval.

Both of these options will be set to 5 minutes, which is perfect as most connections usually timeout after 5 minutes or more. Tap on the Apply button to apply this heartbeat interval and you should start receiving notifications in time.

heartbeat intervalheartbeat interval

Increasing the heartbeat interval impacts your overall battery timing. However, the impact is very minimum and I didn’t see any noticeable difference in battery time after installing this app. In case you want to switch back to default heartbeat interval, either uninstall the app or set the default interval right from the app.

Ending thoughts

Push Notifications Fixer fixed my problem of delayed notifications. And I guess I was a fool to use Power Saver feature all the time in hopes of getting more up time. The above-mentioned solutions should be enough to solve your problem of delayed Android notifications. Do share which of these methods worked for you.