BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, August 21, 2017

Good morning, BloggingPro job seekers. I hope you’re all feeling great about the week.

Here’s something to help motivate you even more: the best paid blogging jobs from our Job Board.

Paid blogging jobs

SEO and Digital Content Copywriter

Terra’s Kitchen is looking for a copywriter. The copywriter will work with the Marketing brand and media teams to craft strong digital copy (ex. Facebook ads) that increases SEO and conversion, as well as other content, like blog posts. This is a part-time role starting at approximately 10 hours/week. Hours may increase or decrease based on internal needs.

Social Media Managaer and Blogger

Jumping Elephant needs a new team member. This job is for a content creator, both in the Social Media sense and with blogging.

Blogs are $30-50 per blog depending on length. Social media is customized for the client so pricing varies.

Web Writer for a Tech Company

JustAnswer is seeking an experienced and flexible writer who can help build out new content offerings and drive traffic to their site. They are an established tech company with a treasure trove of user-generated content, and they’re building a team of writers who can harness raw content and turn it into engaging, reader-facing copy.

Magoosh needs a blog editor

Magoosh is seeking a part-time, remote Blog Editor to help achieve their mission of bringing enjoyable, effective, and affordable online education to the world. They’ve turned test prep from a necessary evil into an enjoyable experience at an affordable price.

Blog Writers – Productivity

Ignite80 is looking for smart, curious, and insightful writers who enjoy communicating research findings in a way that feels relatable and actionable.

Your job would be to write an average of two to three 500 to 800-word blogs per week.

Blogs can be centered around a new research study or an expert interview (we have recordings).


30 Free Education Icons Sets

From official websites of universities, schools, and colleges to study consultancy sites and portals, the internet is brimming with websites related to education. Usually, there’s a lot of information on an education website, however, in order to make the navigation of a complex education website easy and interesting, icons prove to be the perfect elements.

30 Free Medical Icon Sets You Can Download

.no-js #ref-block-post-32046 .ref-block__thumbnail { background-image: url(“×160/free-medical-icon-sets.jpg”); }

30 Free Medical Icon Sets You Can Download

Icons are one of those seemingly trivial elements that put a rather huge influence on the overall look…Read more

Though there are many multi-pupose icon sets that can go with just about any website, but a specifically education-related website would be best suited with special education icon sets. And what more can you ask for if you get such high quality icons all for free!

On that account I am sharing a list of 30 free school and education icon sets that can be a useful addition to your icons repository or be used in your next education-related web project. Do make sure to check the licence for each icon set and mention the author, if it’s required.

School & Childhood Icons Set

Format: SVG, PNG [Download]

School Icons Vector

Format: AI [Download]

School Icon Collection

Format: EPS [Download]

Education Icons

Format: PNG, SVG, PNG, PSD [Download]

Line Education Icons Free

Format: AI [Download]

6 Modern Education Icons

Format: PSD, EPS [Download]

Becris Freebie Outline Icons

Format: PNG, SVG, AI, EPS [Download]

School and Education Hand Drawn Icons

Format: PSD [Download]

Science and Education Icons

Format: SVG, AI [Download]

Education Elements Vector Icons

Format: SVG, AI [Download]

Minimal Line Icons

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, SVG [Download]

Jolly Icons

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD [Download]

Graduation Icon

Format: SVG, EPS [Download]

60 Education Vector Icons Freebie

Format: AI, EPS, PNG [Download]

Education Icon Set

Format: PNG, PSD, EPS, SVG [Download]

Education Vector Icons

Format: EPS [Download]

Education Icon Set

Format: SVG, EPS [Download]

School Icons Vector

Format: AI [Download]

Knowledge Icon Set

Format: AI, EPS, PDF, PSD [Download]

Education Icon Set

Format: SVG [Download]

Education Icon Set

Format: AI [Download]

20 Free Vector Education Icons

Format: AI, SVG [Download]

Education Icons Collection

Format: EPS, AI [Download]

A free Education Icon Set

Format: PNG, AI, TTF, SVG [Download]

Academic Icon Collection

Format: EPS [Download]

Back to School Icon Set

Format: AI, EPS [Download]

Education Icons

Format: AI [Download]

Vector School Stuff Icons

Format: AI [Download]

Icons About Education

Format: EPS [Download]

Pencil Icon Set

Format: EPS [Download]

20+ Free E-Commerce Icon Sets to Download

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20+ Free E-Commerce Icon Sets to Download

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Create Beautiful Animated Particles with This Javascript Library

There are tons of free animation libraries all with different effects and specialties. But, the new Particles.js library goes a totally new direction by creating animated particles that move in real time all over the page.

This easy-to-use library is completely free and open-sourced on GitHub. It certainly won’t help you improve the UX of your site but it can help you add some interlaced particle effects to the background.

On the main page, you’ll find a live interactive demo where you can play around with the library’s features. This lets you adjust the particle size, speed, shape, color, position, you name it.

Particles.js default animationParticles.js default animation

As this is such a detailed library, it does require a good understanding of JavaScript to get it working. That’s why this live demo is so valuable because it lets anyone play around with these settings to see what’s possible in JavaScript.

And, if you’re okay with exporting these graphics you can save the images directly from the web app demo page. You can export a raw PNG or even save all your custom settings into a JSON file which then imports directly into the Particles.js script.

By default, you can pick from a small handful of themes with different particle styles:

  • NASA stars
  • Bubbles
  • Snow
  • Nyan cat stars
  • Default geometric shapes

With these defaults, you can still edit all the main settings to refine colors, positions, speeds, and everything else.

Particles.js NASA themeParticles.js NASA theme

The best part of this whole library is the live customization feature right on the main page. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details you really need to understand JavaScript and frontend coding.

But, even a beginner could work through the interface, pick the settings they want, and export everything as a JSON file.

A brilliant library for anyone looking to create dynamic particles on the web. To learn more, visit the GitHub repo and you can share your thoughts with the creator Vincent Garreauon on Twitter @VincentGarreau.


Find Coding Jobs That Match Your Tech Stack With This Site

The typical PHP/MySQL stack is no longer the only option for web developers. Newer technologies such as Node, React, and NoSQL databases like Mongo have radically changed the face of development.

This is great for coders who want to diversify their skills and stay relevant in the job market. That’s why Stack Match is such a valuable tool.

It’s a free search engine that pulls jobs from many larger boards such as Stack Overflow and GitHub Jobs. Stack Match allows you to limit the searches based on your preferred tools, whether you work on IIS/.Net, PHP/MySQL, MEAN, or any other web technology.

The search form has four different fields to help you limit potential jobs:

  1. Tools or languages to include
  2. Tools or languages to exclude
  3. Job title or keywords
  4. Location

For instance, if you’re looking for a job that requires Ruby on the backend along with Bower on the frontend you can filter for both of these technologies. Just start typing their names and autocorrect fills in the rest.

As a result, you’ll find a search result like this with a full list of all the jobs and companies available.

As you get more granular, you’ll find fewer jobs available, but you’ll also likely be a perfect fit for the jobs you do find. This all depends on your skillset and the current availability in the marketplace.

For example, WordPress development will never go out of fashion so long as that CMS keeps running. And, Stack Match lets you search beyond just PHP or MySQL, by digging deeper into WP-specific jobs.

Stack Match jobs filterStack Match jobs filter

If you sign up for a free account you can save your most-viewed searches or subscribe to live updates via RSS. Stack Match is run by StackShare and their community uses OAuth through GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab for new accounts. Your account would be totally free, so this tool is great for job hunting.

Take a look at the StackMatch job search and see what you think! If you have any questions or suggestions about the web app you can always send a quick tweet over to @stackshareio and let them know your thoughts.


15 Simple and Clever Ways to Build Your Brand Awareness

Have you ever thought of camera film and Kodak is the first thing that comes to your mind? Or you think of a fizzy drink and the name that pops up is Coke? Some brand names become so popular that they become synonymous to the actual name of the product. It is a dream of every brand to replace the actual name of a product with their own name. And this is exactly what brand awareness means.

25 Examples of Brand Identity Design Done Right

.no-js #ref-block-post-22136 .ref-block__thumbnail { background-image: url(“×160/identity-branding-design-part-2.jpg”); }

25 Examples of Brand Identity Design Done Right

Identity branding is an intergral part of business. After all, you have make sure that you can market…Read more

Brand awareness is a result of deliberate actions taken over time on a constant basis. In this post, I am going to talk about tips and tricks on how to raise your brand awareness and make people talk about it.

1. Figure out how people see you

Your brand is not about how you see it, it is rather about how other people see your brand. So, the very first step in building your brand is to figure out what other people think of your product or service.

You can hold a focus group discussion, ask a business coach to conduct a 360 analysis, google yourself and so on.

2. Give your product for free

Yes, you heard me right. Giving your product or service for free you will make people know about your product and its quality, especially if your business just got started. Sampling your product for free or offering pro-bono services are two of the oldest tricks in the book of marketing and brand awareness.

Don’t worry you can get your profits later when more people will know about your brand. Just make sure your product is so good that people would pay to get it.

3. Create Infographics

Branding is all about visuals, and so, well-designed Infographics can be a great way to introduce people to something and give boring information in fun creative way. Spend extra time to include valuable information into your infographic and don’t save money by hiring an amateur designer.

Especially for online appearance, Inforgraphics play a vital role in creating brand awareness. The more creative and beautiful it is, the more it will get shared on social media.

4. Grow your community online

For small businesses, the online world is a heaven, and a way to have lots of opportunities to build their own community online. You can find your audience and build community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. The key is to share useful information regarding your niche and connect with your clients or customers.

However, remember, that you can’t be at all places at once, it’s better to choose one social media network and put all your effort in growing your audience there.

Photo by Brooke Cagle

5. Create Referrals

To encourage people to try your product or service, you can also create referral programs. Offer some incentive to anyone who refers your brand to another person.

This is the same approach behind Dropbox’s growing popularity. By giving out a specific amount of free space to the one who refers their service, they have increased their clientele to millions.


6. Create a strong name and logo

A strong brand should be memorable and recognizable. The name and logo of your product or service will be the first impression of your brand on your potential customers.

7. Tell your story

Everybody likes a good story, so when you have a great emotional story behind your brand, it will automatically attract people’s attention.

For instance, you can tell people about the problems you faced that made you create your product in the first place. This way, your story will help people see your brand as a solution provider for their own needs.

8. Don’t try to please everyone

Be prepared that not everyone will be a fan of your brand. We are humans and we all have our own tastes and needs.

Instead, learn to be the best option for a specific group of people – your target audience. Develop your brand’s own voice and focus yourself on your target audience. Remember that you’re task is to grow your business, not to please everyone.

9. Spread the word through guest posts

Writing guest posts can give credibility to you and promotion to your brand. How so? Well, when you’re in a business for some time you get to know a lot about that specific field and its dynamics. So when you’ll share genuine knowledge that you gained through your own experiences, curious readers will value it a great deal.

Create an article that digs deep into a topic related to your brand’s niche (you can also try to mention your brand as a problem solver, if the host platform allows you). It will ultimately prompt readers to know more about you and your brand.


10. Collaborate with other businesses

No matter how small or young your business is, you can always try to collaborate with other more established businesses in your niche to get exposure to your name.

Devise a strategy to work with similar startups to share experience on promotion or events. This way you both can double your effects and get noticed by the audience of other business, and vice versa.

11. Run a contest

It’s the same as giving away a freebie, but with one a few conditions. Running a contest is a great way to bring attention to your brand through a prospect of getting rewarded.

You can ask people to take selfies as they use your product and share on social media in exchange for a discount or a gift pack, offer them to win prizes by following you on different social networks or writing good comment about your brand.

12. Seek endorsement from influencers

There are people in every field that have great influence on its audience. They can be celebrities or experts of the specific niche, and getting them to endorse your brand can affect its reputation a great deal.

Send the influencers in your field a sample of your product and ask them to share their honest review on social media, for instance, Instagram or Youtube. This trend greatly prevails among Youtube beauty bloggers. Brands that seek promotion send them their products over for review. So, you too can take a similar route.

13. Get associated with a social cause

The world will never run out of social issues that need peoples’ cooperation. Getting your brand associated with a social cause will be a two-prong strategy i.e., helping that cause and getting your name out through it.

You can select a cause that is close to your area of work. For instance, a fashion-related brand can work for equal wages or to stop child labor, or a household brand can get associated with environmental issues or something like that.


14. Use “You” Not “We”

A lot of brands still use the words “we do this” or “we do that”. People, in general, are not tempted to listen this kind of communication. Make your brand all about people not about you, and start talking about their problems, not yours. So, use “you need this” or “it will be in your own interest” instead. This way you’ll show that you care about customer’s needs.

15. Show Gratitude

You can’t imagine the power of the word “thank you” and what wonders it can do for your business. Each time a person orders something from your store or website, adding a simple “thank you” card with 5-10% discount for their next purchase can boost your brand’s favorability manifolds.

This way you will not only show your gratitude but make sure people will come back to your product and use the discount if they really like it.

Ending note

I hope these tips will help you build brand awareness and grow your business. The key to amazing brands and a successful businesses is doing what you love. As a quote says, “The only way to do great work is love what you do”.

Most Valuable Brands of 2017 in a Country [Infographic]

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Most Valuable Brands of 2017 in a Country [Infographic]

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This VIM Shortcut Keyboard Cover is Something Programmers will Dig

If you’re a programmer, chances are good that you’ve heard of Vim, an impressively powerful text editor that is notorious for being extremely complicated.

While getting to grips with the editor will take some time, Manchester-based Editor Keys is looking to take some of the difficulty out of learning the Vim. To do so, the company has designed the Vim Keyboard Cover.

As stated by the product’s name, the Vim Keyboard Cover is a silicon-based keyboard cover that is overlaid on your MacBook’s keyboard. What separates the Vim Keyboard Cover from other silicon keyboard covers is the presence of helpful texts that informs you of what each button does in the Vim editor.

vim keyboard covervim keyboard cover

Once the Vim Keyboard Cover is placed on the keyboard, all you have to do to navigate Vim is to look at your keyboard. While you may still need to look up online guides and tutorials to learn about the more complicated aspects of the editor, navigating the editor will no longer be a huge headache.

In addition to helping you navigate Vim, the keyboard cover will also protect your keyboard from dust and spills.

vim keyboard covervim keyboard cover

Interested? Editor Key’s Vim Keyboard Cover is currently available for the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro Retina, and the MacBook Pro with Touchbar.

While the keyboard cover is rather pricey at GBP27.99 for one, the time you’ll save from not having to read up on the basics of Vim means that it is a worthwhile investment.


15 wp-config Snippets to Configure Your WordPress Site

WordPress admin makes it easy to manage configurations without touching a line of code. These basic configuration settings are then stored in the wp-options table inside the database. But, WordPress also has a separate configuration file, called wp-config.php, that can be used for further customizations.

Wp-config is the file where your custom hosting data (database name, database host, etc.) is saved when you install a self-hosted WordPress site. You can also add other configuration options to this file, with which you can enable or disable features such as debugging, cache, multisite, SSL login, automatic updates, and many others.

wp-config frontendwp-config frontend

Localize and edit wp-config

When you download WordPress, the wp-config.php file is not yet present inside the install folder. However, there’s a file called wp-config-sample.php that you need to copy and rename to wp-config.php. Then, you need to add your basic connection data (database name, database username, database password, hostname, security keys) to this file.

If your hosting provider uses the Softaculous auto installer (most do so) this process is automated for you and you will find a wp-config.php and a wp-config-sample.php file in your root folder when you connect your server via FTP.


Note that the order of settings matters, so don’t rearrange them. When editing the wp-config file, always use a code editor such as Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, or TextMate. Word processors (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, etc.) will mess your file up, never use them to edit code files.

The settings saved into wp-config override the database, in case the same type of configuration is present at both (e.g. home URL)

Where to place the code snippets

In this article, you can find 20 code snippets with which you can use to customize your wp-config.php file.

Most of these configuration options don’t exist in wp-config by default. If you want to use them you need to add them below the starting <?php tag and code comments, but above the MySQL settings.

Place of snippetsPlace of snippets

1. Turn on WP debugger

You can turn the WordPress debugger on and off in the wp-config file. The first snippet below does exist by default in wp-config (below the database configurations) but its value is set to false. To turn the debugger on, change its value to true.

The second snippet turns on the frontend debugger that allows you to debug CSS and JavaScript scripts. Use the debuggers only on development sites never in production.

# Turns on PHP debugger
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

# Turns on CSS and JavaScript debugger
define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true );

2. Change database table prefix

WordPress uses the wp_ table prefix by default. If you want a more secure database you can choose a more complicated table prefix.

This config option also exists in the wp-config file by default, you only need to change the value of the $table_prefix variable to a more secure one.

Only change the table prefix if you have a clean install or on a development site, as it’s risky to do so on a production site.

# Creates secure table prefix for database tables
# Only numbers, letters, underscores
$table_prefix = 'a81kJt_';

3. Change WordPress URLs

You can set the WordPress and home URLs in the WordPress admin, under the Settings > General menu. However, you can also configure these URLs in the wp-config file.

Defining the WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME constants in the wp-config file has two advantages:

  1. it can be life-saving if you can’t access your admin area for some reason
  2. it can reduce the number of database calls while your site is loading (as wp-config overrides the options saved in the database)

WP_SITEURL specifies the URL users can reach your site with, while WP_HOME defines the root of your WP install. If you installed WordPress into your root folder (this is the default option) they take the same value.

# Specifies site URL
define('WP_SITEURL', '');

# Specifies home URL (the root of the WP install)
define('WP_HOME', '');

4. Empty trash after a certain time

You can make WordPress to automatically empty your trash after a certain number of dates. The smallest value of this constant is 0, in this case you disable the trash feature.

# Empties trash after 7 days
define( 'EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 7 );

5. Enable WordPress cache

You can enable WordPress’ built-in caching feature with the following line of code. Most caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, automatically add this snippet to the wp-config file.

# Enables WP cache
define( 'WP_CACHE', true );

6. Enable WordPress Multisite

By adding the WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE constant to your wp-config file, you can enable WordPress’ multisite feature that allows you to create a network of WP sites.

# Turns on WordPress Multisite
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

7. Redirect non-existing subdomains and subfolders

Sometimes visitors type a non-existing subdomain or subfolder into the URL bar. You can redirect these users to another page on your domain, for instance to the homepage with the help of the NOBLOGREDIRECT constant.

# Redirects non-existing subdomains and subfolders to homepage
define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', '' );

8. Manage post revisions

WordPress has a built-in version control system, which means it saves all post revisions you create. A frequently edited post can have as many as 25-30 revisions that can take up a lot of database space after a while.

With the WP_POST_REVISIONS constant, you can maximize the number of post revisions or completely disable the feature.

# Completely disables post revisions
define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

# Allows maximum 5 post revisions
define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5 );

9. Enable built-in database optimization

WordPress has a built-in database optimization feature you can turn on by adding the following line to the wp-config file.

I wrote in detail about how this tool works in this article. The most important thing to note is that the database optimization screen is available for anyone (even for non-logged in visitors). Enable the feature only for the period of time you want to run the optimization tool, then don’t forget to disable it.

# Turns on database optimization feature
define( 'WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true );

10. Disable automatic updates

WordPress runs automatic background updates by default for minor releases and translation files.

You can toggle this feature on and off by setting the values of the AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED (for all updates) and WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE (for core updates) constants according to the following rules:

# Disables all automatic updates

# Disables all core updates
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

# Enables all core updates, including minor and major releases
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true );

# Enables core updates only for minor releases (default)
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', 'minor' );

11. Increase PHP memory limit

Sometimes you may want to increase the PHP memory limit your hosting provider has allocated to your site, especially if you get the dreaded “Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted” message. To do so, use WP_MEMORY_LIMIT for the website and WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT for the admin area.

Note that some hosts don’t allow to increase the memory limit manually, in this case contact them and ask them to do it for you.

# Sets memory limit for the website
define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M' );

# Sets memory limit for the admin area
define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' );

12. Force SSL login

To increase website security, you can force users to log in through SSL every time. The FORCE_SSL_ADMIN constant makes SSL compulsory for both user logins and admin sessions.

Note that the formerly valid FORCE_SSL_LOGIN constant was deprecated in WordPress 4.0, so now you always have to use FORCE_SSL_ADMIN.

# Forces SSL login
define( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true );

13. Disable plugin and theme edits / updates

Administrators can edit plugin and theme files in the WordPress admin area. You can make your site more secure if you disable the plugin and theme editors using the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT constant. So, if your site is hacked the hacker won’t have access to your plugin and theme files.

You can also disable the plugin and theme update feature using DISALLOW_FILE_MODS. This way administrators won’t be able to update plugins and themes in the admin area.

DISALLOW_FILE_MODS also disables the plugin and theme editor, so if you use it you don’t have to add DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT.

# Disables the plugin and theme editor
define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

# Disables the plugin & theme editor PLUS the plugin & theme update
define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true );

14. Delete image edits

Whenever you edit an image, WordPress saves it in different resolutions. But, if you don’t want to use the earlier sets of images you can remove them by setting the value of the IMAGE_EDIT_OVERWRITE constant to true.

As a result, the earlier image files will be overwritten by the new ones when you edit an image and only the last set will be saved in the wp-content folder.

# Cleans up image edits
define( 'IMAGE_EDIT_OVERWRITE', true );

15. Disable unfiltered HTML

Although low-level users (subscribers, contributors, authors) can’t publish unfiltered HTML in WordPress, editors and administrators are allowed to do so.

By adding the following line of code to your wp-config file, you can increase security by preventing high-level users from publishing unfiltered HTML.

# Disables unfiltered HTML for admins and editors