6 Ways to Save WebP Images as JPG and PNG

Google’s proprietary image format WEBP is arguably better than the standard JPG or PNG format. It creates much smaller file size than JPG and still supports transparency feature of PNG without much loss in quality. It is being used by many websites today, including YouTube, Google Play Store, and Facebook Android app.

As ideal as it may be, it is still not supported by many image editors and online submission forms. I personally have to deal with WEBP images often in my work, and so I have found many ways to save WEBP images to JPG or PNG with each having its own advantage. In this post, I am going to share my findings with you.

#1. Edit image URL

This is probably the best manual method to save WEBP images as PNG or JPG. WEBP images saved online are available in both WEBP and JPG/PNG formats, as some of the browsers like Firefox and Safari don’t support WEBP. So in those browsers, the JPG or PNG image is loaded instead. With a simple URL tweak, you can load the JPG or PNG format instead of the WEBP. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the WEBP image and select Copy image address from the menu
  2. Copy image addressCopy image address
  3. Now paste this address in a new tab and remove the last 3 characters from the URL. Therefore, remove -rw at the end of the URL. When you’ll hit enter the image will be loaded in JPG/PNG format.
  4. You can then right-click on the image and select Save image as to save the image.
  5. Save image asSave image as

#2. Use “Save Image As PNG” Chrome extension

On Google Chrome, you can use a handy extension called Save Image As PNG that adds an option in the context menu to download WEBP images as PNG.

Note: Opera users can also use this extension by installing the Download Chrome Extension. This extension will allow you to install most Chrome extensions in Opera, including Save Image As PNG.

  1. Install the Save Image As PNG extension from Google Play Store.
  2. Right-click on the WEBP image and select the new option Save Image As PNG. That’s it, now you can save the image in PNG format.
  3. Save Image As PNGSave Image As PNG

Unfortunately, this extension will only let you save images in PNG format. If you want to save in JPG format, you’ll have to convert the PNG format to JPG format using an image converter or use a different method in this list.

#3. Use an unsupported browser

Currently, WEBP format is only supported by Google Chrome and Opera. And as I said before, on websites both the WEBP and JPG/PNG formats are uploaded for an image to ensure all the browsers can open it. You can simply use an unsupported browser to load the image and it will be loaded in JPG or PNG format.

use an unsupported browseruse an unsupported browser
loaded in JPG or PNG formatloaded in JPG or PNG format

You can use any browser you like, including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Save the image as you normally do and you will see it will be in JPG or PNG format.

#4. Spoof user agent

Following up to the above method, you don’t necessarily have to switch browsers to download WEBP images in JPG/PNG format. You can simply spoof user agent of your Chrome or Opera browser so the website will think you are browsing from an unsupported browser and load JPG or PNG image instead of WEBP.

For this purpose, I’ll recommend you to use the extension User-Agent Switcher for Chrome as it’s quick and easy.

  1. Install the extension and click on its icon in the address bar.
  2. You’ll see a list of supported user agents. Select any unsupported browser such as Safari or Firefox.
  3. User-Agent Switcher for ChromeUser-Agent Switcher for Chrome
  4. Now refresh the page with the WEBP image and it will load in JPG/PNG format. You can then download it using the standard Save image as option.

#5. Use an online image converter

In case you already have WEBP images on your PC, you can convert them in JPG or PNG format as well. This will also be useful if you don’t want to follow extra steps in the above methods, but instead download all the WEBP images and then convert in bulk.

For quick conversions without any need of an extra software, an online converter is a good option. For that, Zamzar is a reliable image converter that supports WEBP conversion and is free to use. However, you can only convert 10 images concurrently.

  1. On Zamzar website, click on Choose Files in Step 1 and select up to 10 WEBP images.
  2. Choose FilesChoose Files
  3. Select JPG or PNG from the drop-down menu.
  4. JPG or PNG from the drop-down menuJPG or PNG from the drop-down menu
  5. Now provide your email address and click on Convert to finish the process.
  6. Convert imagesConvert images

The images will upload and the converted images will be sent to you via email. You can repeat the process to convert as many images as you like. If Zamzar doesn’t interest you, then you can also use cloudconvert. It offers fast on-site conversion, but it’s only limited to 25 conversions/day for free (registered users).

#6. Use a desktop image Converter

If an online conversion isn’t your thing, then a desktop image converter app would be a great solution. Although there are many, but I personally like XnConverter as it is completely free and comes with a plethora of features.

XnConverter is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and lets you convert unlimited images in bulk. Let’s see how you can use it to convert WEBP images to JPG or PNG:

  1. Download and install XnConverter and launch it.
  2. In the Input tab, click on Add files and select as many images as you like.
  3. Add filesAdd files
  4. Move to Output tab and you will see dozens of options to tweak. Although, you can tweak as you prefer, but just selecting your desired output format (JPG/PNG) should be enough as well. You can also click on Settings below the format to further adjust output quality.
  5. XnConverter Convert imagesXnConverter Convert images
  6. Now click on Convert and all the images will be converted and saved in the specified location.
  7. Converted ImagesConverted Images


All of the above methods will help your save WEBP images in JPG or PNG format without any problem. For quick downloads, I prefer using Save Image As PNG Chrome extension in my Opera browser. Although many times I receive WEBP files as email attachments, and XnConverter does a fine job of quickly converting them to JPG.

Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/save-webp-images-as-jpg-or-png/


8 Website and Page Building Tools for 2018

Finding the “best” of anything is not always an easy task, and when you do, it’s only natural to expect to pay a hefty price. This is also true with respect to website and page-building tools. There’s plenty of good ones and finding one or more that will best serve your purposes can take time.

We’ve made it a little easier for you! Enjoy this selection of some of the most highly-trusted tools currently on the market.

Hefty prices? Forget it. These trusted site and page building tools are top quality. Most are completely free. Some authors offer both free and premium plans or offer free trials. Should you eventually go with a premium plan, you can expect to find it is affordable and well worth the money.

1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website BuilderMobirise Website Builder

It could be difficult to think of a reason not to download a copy of the Mobirise Website Builder; especially if you’re in the hunt for a top-quality product that just happens to be free with no conditions attached. The Builder can be used for your commercial projects as well as for your personal projects.

Your websites will be responsive, and thus mobile friendly, so there’s no need for you to create a mobile version of each website.

This drag and drop builder is a joy to work with, and no technical or coding skills are required. A key feature is the collection of more than 800 pre-made website blocks to build your pages with. Creating a page is as easy as combining these blocks in different ways on your page and dropping other design elements you select onto the page as well.

Mobirise’s many other features include a content slider, bootstrap carousel, a responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, and much more.

2. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website BuilderVisual Composer Website Builder

WPBakery Page Builder users take note. The Visual Composer Website Builder is not an updated or upgraded version of the WPBakery builder. It is an entirely different animal, which features a myriad of impressive functions that enable you to create jaw-dropping websites.

The Visual Composer Website Builder comes in two versions, Free and Premium. Either version enables you to build a website by using your mouse to click on and drag and drop content elements as you design your layout. Coding is not required. Visual Composer Website Builder works with any WordPress theme, WordPress shortcodes and widgets are supported, and you have a multiplicity of design elements and options to work with.

We suggest that you give the free version a try. Then, you can check out the Premium version to see if it might be to your advantage to sign up for it.

3. Portfoliobox


Portfoliobox obviates the need to constrain yourself to using a standard theme. You can use any style you choose for any website page, and there’s no need for coding. The ability to use any style you choose makes it much easier for you to create a website that’s unique and will stand out from the crowd, and with Portfoliobox it’s possible to do so in a few hours.

Free and Pro plans are available. The free plan includes hosting of up to 30 images, 10 pages, and 10 products and the use of any Pro template for the first 30 days. With the Pro plan you’ll receive hosting for 1,000 images and unlimited hosting for products and pages. The Pro plan also offers a personalized domain, custom CSS/JS and Easy Google integration.

We suggest you go for the free plan first, and check into the Pro plan later.

4. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page BuilderElementor Page Builder

Elementor is a super-fast drag and drop page builder for WordPress that offers a great UX. It’s easy to use, it features a flexible editor, requires no coding and it’s free.

You’ll quickly discover how easy it can be to create a pixel-perfect landing page and how features like mobile editing, template library and the ability to import and export templates can speed up your workflow to the point where you can create stunning websites in minutes.

5. Themify Builder

Themify BuilderThemify Builder

Themify Builder offers a better, more practical way to create layouts. It will work with any theme, and other plugins as well. Working from pre-designed layouts (40+ of them) it’s simply a matter of drag and drop with a tool that provides a live preview.

Themify Builder also features responsive styling. No matter which approach you take to build your layout, you can custom style it to appear correctly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

6. uKit


If you run a small business, and you want to create an online presence but you lack the technical or coding skills to do so, uKit is your answer. Starting with one of the 200+ templates, drag and drop design elements along with your content onto each page. When you’re finished, it takes but a single click to publish your website. It’s not at all complicated. Sign up for a free trial and find out for yourself.

7. IM Creator

IM CreatorIM Creator

IM Creator is not your typical website builder. It offers alternate ways of building a website. You can build your site starting with one of more than 200 templates, or if you like playing with Lego blocks, by mixing and matching ready-made stripes and polygons.

IM Creator is free, it’s super flexible and does not require coding. It also comes with a free eCommerce solution.

8. Pixpa


If you’ve been told that to create a professional looking portfolio website that includes an eCommerce store, you need a ton of experience and a well-stocked design toolkit, Pixpa will show you otherwise. Pixpa is ideally suited for creatives. It’s an easy to work with, feature rich, all-in-one platform with best-in-class hosting and customer support. Pixpa is affordable, but we suggest you take advantage of the free trial offer to make sure it’s right for you.


Best of the bunch and mostly free. It doesn’t get much better. If you only find one that you can use, it can still make your day.

Discovering new website building tools is a little like playing chess.

Strategy dictates that for a move to be a good one, it should put you in a slightly better position.

It’s somewhat the same for selecting a tool from this list. Any one of them can enable you to build a better product and increase your productivity.

Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/website-and-page-building-tools-2018/

Business Card Design: 80 Creative Examples and Free Templates

In today’s internet-centric world, business owners are frequently using different online mediums for the promotion of their brands. But what never gets out of fashion are good ol’ business cards. Business cards are one of the best tools to make people remember your business and contact you if they require your services.

And how good it would be (especially for the budding entreprenures) if you can get awesome business card designs for free. So, in this post, I am listing one of the most comprehensive collections of free business card templates and some creative examples for inspiration.

Beautiful Business Card Designs

Pasta restaurant business card

Pasta restaurant business cardPasta restaurant business card

Florbank – Business cards

Florbank - Business cardsFlorbank - Business cards

New site!

New site!New site!

La Glace Premium French Ice Cream

La Glace Premium French Ice CreamLa Glace Premium French Ice Cream



Kidscodr Business Cards

Kidscodr Business CardsKidscodr Business Cards

AllStar Field Restoration

AllStar Field RestorationAllStar Field Restoration

Personal Branding

Personal BrandingPersonal Branding

The Gang

The GangThe Gang

Butcher’s Business Cards

Butcher's Business CardsButcher's Business Cards

3ply Letterpress & Foil Business Cards

3ply Letterpress & Foil Business Cards3ply Letterpress & Foil Business Cards

Etched 3 Ply Wooden Business

Etched 3 Ply Wooden Business Etched 3 Ply Wooden Business

Lucas Price Letterpress Business Cards

Lucas Price Letterpress Business CardsLucas Price Letterpress Business Cards

Cool Business Cards for a Filmmaker

Cool Business Cards for a FilmmakerCool Business Cards for a Filmmaker

Communication Expert

Communication ExpertCommunication Expert

Helvetimart by Anagrama, Mexico

Helvetimart by Anagrama, MexicoHelvetimart by Anagrama, Mexico

Creative watercolor business card

Creative watercolor business cardCreative watercolor business card

Intricate Laser-cut geometric design

Intricate Laser-cut geometric designIntricate Laser-cut geometric design

Event Planner’s Card

Event Planner's CardEvent Planner's Card

Metal Bike Tool Business Card

Metal Bike Tool Business CardMetal Bike Tool Business Card

Matière Noire Handmade Business Card

Matière Noire Handmade Business CardMatière Noire Handmade Business Card

Superfine Brand Identity

Superfine Brand IdentitySuperfine Brand Identity

Minimalist Black And White Business Card

Minimalist Black And White Business CardMinimalist Black And White Business Card

Etnik. Branding

Etnik. BrandingEtnik. Branding

Paul & Marigold Business Card

Paul & Marigold Business CardPaul & Marigold Business Card

Sardine by Here Design

Sardine by Here DesignSardine by Here Design

ShopAround by Design by Toko

ShopAround by Design by TokoShopAround by Design by Toko

Creative Business Card For Hairstylist

Creative Business Card For HairstylistCreative Business Card For Hairstylist



Experimental Business Cards

Experimental Business CardsExperimental Business Cards

Cookie Business Card

Cookie Business CardCookie Business Card

Identity and Card Design | Lush

Identity and Card Design | LushIdentity and Card Design | Lush

Talor&Jørgen Coffee by Bielke & Yang, Norway

Talor&Jørgen Coffee by Bielke & Yang, NorwayTalor&Jørgen Coffee by Bielke & Yang, Norway

Pontus In The Air by Bold

Pontus In The Air by BoldPontus In The Air by Bold

TAM Cargo Design

TAM Cargo DesignTAM Cargo Design

Clapper Board Business Card

Clapper Board Business CardClapper Board Business Card

Dr. Federico Dentist Cards

Dr. Federico Dentist CardsDr. Federico Dentist Cards

Jeans Business Card

Jeans Business CardJeans Business Card

Wife and Husband Design Studio Card

Wife and Husband Design Studio CardWife and Husband Design Studio Card



Jean Jullien Letterpress Business Cards

Jean Jullien Letterpress Business CardsJean Jullien Letterpress Business Cards

CUB animation studio

CUB animation studioCUB animation studio

Film Maker

Film MakerFilm Maker

Moxie Tuesday Design

Moxie Tuesday DesignMoxie Tuesday Design

Stefan Leitner

Stefan LeitnerStefan Leitner

Spotted Zebra

Spotted ZebraSpotted Zebra



Le Balene

Le BaleneLe Balene

Rafal Borek

Rafal BorekRafal Borek

Mild Whistle

Mild WhistleMild Whistle

Business Card Templates

Realistic Business Card Mockup – Here you see a photo-realistic template with a business card on a piece of paper. It looks like a corporate template.

Realistic Business Card Mockup Free PSDRealistic Business Card Mockup Free PSD

Horizontal and Vertical Business Card – This is a set of two business card mockups. One displays a vertical business card lean on the wall, and the second one features two vertical business cards.

Horizontal and Vertical Business Cards Showcase MockupHorizontal and Vertical Business Cards Showcase Mockup

PSD Business Card MockUp – Show your work to the client using this stunning retro-inspired business card mockup. It includes a pack of cards in a box. You can edit using Adobe Photoshop.

PSD Business Card MockUp #2PSD Business Card MockUp #2

Floating Business Cards Mockup – Floating business cards mockup is general-purpose so that it can be used for any type of project. Download the mockup and insert your design into a placeholder.

Floating Business Cards MockupFloating Business Cards Mockup

Psd Invitation Card Mockup – This fantastic mockup displays business cards on a wrapping paper. It also can be used as invitation or postcard mockup.

Psd Invitation Card Mockup Vol5Psd Invitation Card Mockup Vol5

Silver Business Card Mockup – This beautiful silver business card mockup is a great option to present your vertical designs. Two smart layers will minimize your work.

Silver Business Card MockupSilver Business Card Mockup

Psd Business Card Mock-Up – Take a look at this detailed, nice business card mockup. Use smart layers to edit the template in Photoshop.

Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 2Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 2

Business Card In Hand Mockup – If you are looking for a realistic business card mockup, use this cool template with a hand. It displays a palm of a hand holding two business cards to show both sides.

Business Card In Hand MockupBusiness Card In Hand Mockup

2 Business Card Mock-ups – Here is a retro-inspired mockup with a pack of business cards with a metal clip. You can change both the design and the background.

2 Business Card Mock-ups2 Business Card Mock-ups

Six Business Card Mockup – Use this set of six business card mockups to showcase your designs on a red background. You can present horizontal and vertical business cards.

Six Business Card MockupSix Business Card Mockup

Business Cards on a Clip Mockup – Here is one more business card mockup using a clip, but in modern way with bright yellow background.

Business Cards on a Clip MockupBusiness Cards on a Clip Mockup

B-Cards Mockup – These fantastic business cards are scattered chaotically on the desk. You can replace them with your business card designs.

B-Cards Mockup #4B-Cards Mockup #4

8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups – Look at this elegant package of eight minimalist business card mockups. It uses real photo shadows and reflects from a window.

8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups

Stack of Business Cards Mockup – Impress your client at the very first glance using this beautiful mockup with a pack of business cards on a blue background. It looks clean yet dynamic.

Stack of Business Cards MockupStack of Business Cards Mockup

Free Business Card Mockup – If you have a vertical design, this mockup with a male hand holding a business card is the best option for you. You can easily edit the business card layout in Photoshop.

Free Business Card MockupFree Business Card Mockup

Business Cards on Desk Mockup – Check out this photorealistic flat lay mockup with a business card on a desk. It surrounded by office accessories, such as keyboard, mouse, notebook, and iPhone.

Business Cards on Desk MockupBusiness Cards on Desk Mockup

4 Free Business Card Mockup – These are four clean business card mockups with white background. You can choose one of four templates and edit it using smart layers.

4 Free Business Card Mockup4 Free Business Card Mockup

B-Cards Mockup – Download this free PSD file with business card mockup in a wrapping black paper. It looks like it was just delivered by a printing company.

B-Cards Mockup (Free PSD)B-Cards Mockup (Free PSD)

Free Classy Business Card Mockup For Presentation – This is free gorgeous template showing two sides of a business card design. It uses a pink backdrop.

Free Classy Business Card Mockup For PresentationFree Classy Business Card Mockup For Presentation

Free Top View Business Card on Wood Mockup – For all food lovers out there, just look at this tasty mockup with business cards and French cookies macarons.

Free Top View Business Card on Wood MockupFree Top View Business Card on Wood Mockup

Free Textured Business Card Branding PSD Mockup – Here is a detailed mockup with textured business cards on a bright background. You can insert your design using smart layers in Photoshop.

Free Textured Business Card Branding PSD MockupFree Textured Business Card Branding PSD Mockup

Free Man Showing Business Card in Hand Mockup – The mockups are so realistic these days that you can’t even understand is it a true photo or not. Use this mockup with a male hand and a keyboard to showcase your business card layout.

Free Man Showing Business Card in Hand MockupFree Man Showing Business Card in Hand Mockup

Business card mockup_vol.2 – When you see just a flat business card design in Photoshop, it’s difficult to picture how it looks printed. This mockup will help you see business card printed on a photo.

Business card mockup_vol.2Business card mockup_vol.2

Business Cards Mockup – Here are a lot of business cards laying on a desk chaotically. You can change the layout of business cards on your own.

Business Cards Mockup Vol.15Business Cards Mockup Vol.15

Free Business Card Branding Mockup – A business card is a part of company branding. This mockup is designed properly to show all the beauty of your design.

Free Business Card Branding MockupFree Business Card Branding Mockup

Letterpress Business Cards MockUp – The PSD template of business cards displays unique touch and feel of letterpress design.

Letterpress Business Cards MockUpLetterpress Business Cards MockUp

Business Card Hand Mockup – Here is a photorealistic beautiful mockup with a business card in hand on the street background.

Business Card Hand MockupBusiness Card Hand Mockup

Psd Business Card Brand Mockup – These are two piles of business cards with color sides. It uses smart object to make it easier for you to insert your design.

Psd Business Card Brand Mockup Vol5Psd Business Card Brand Mockup Vol5

Business Card with Box Mockup PSD – If you want to show your professionalism to a client, use mockups to showcase your designs in real life. Here is a business card in a box template.

Business Card with Box Mockup PSDBusiness Card with Box Mockup PSD

Business Cards Mockup – A simple mockup with three piles of business cards laying together. You can edit the design of business card in a few clicks.

Business Cards Mockup Vol.14Business Cards Mockup Vol.14

Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/business-card-design-100-creative-examples-useful-tutorials-and-templates/

BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, February 19, 2018

Good morning, job hunters.

Here are the best blog writing jobs – and more – from our Job Board.

Paid blogging jobs

Writer for Satirical and Humorous Political Articles

An established website is looking for writers who can write about politics in a satirical and humorous way. Think The Onion, Buzzfeed, etc.

Legal Marketing Copywriter

Martindale-Hubbell, a leading provider of law firm marketing services, seeks writers to create content for clients’ websites. You’ll receive a creative brief, do your own research on the client’s legal practice areas, and write according to format and style guidelines.

Evening Entertainment Writer

Elite Daily is seeking remote part-time celebrity writers to contribute 3-4 full days per week.

Are you an entertainment junkie who’s obsessed with the Kardashians, Meghan Markle, and Chrissy Teigen’s tweets? Do you know the name of every Kylie Jenner lip kit and dream about Selena Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber in your sleep? Then Elite Daily’s celebrity writer position is for you.

Writers should have extensive knowledge of celebrity culture, strong news judgment, a fun and witty voice, and the ability to write quickly and cleanly.

Freelance Contributing Writers for Various Assigned Topics

FQF is looking for writers. The best candidates have experience researching and writing compelling work. Must complete at least one article per week.

Freelance Car Writer

Valnet Inc. is expanding its repertoire yet again by launching a brand new website for self-acclaimed motorheads!

They’re on the lookout for freelance writers who are interested in all topics car-related and want to get their name out in the online publishing world. It’s an exciting time to join their editorial team, as you will be involved in the initial launching of their website, all the while writing about fascinating topics you know and love!

Source: https://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2018/02/19/paid-blogging-jobs-bloggingpro-february-19-2018/

Interview with Daniel Cohan

Onalytica - Interview with Daniel CohanDaniel Cohan – Associate professor of Environmental Engineering at Rice University

Key Topics: Air pollution; air quality management; life cycle emissions; trends in renewable energy and fossil fuels; climate policy; interactions between air pollution and climate; decarbonization of energy; carbon capture and storage; carbon taxes; cap-and-trade

Location: Houston, TX

Bio: Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Rice University focusing on atmospheric modeling to inform air quality management and the impacts of energy use on the environment and health. Author of op-eds on air, climate, and energy for The Hill, The Conversation, Houston Chronicle, etc.


I earned my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science at Georgia Tech, and then worked on air pollution policies for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division before becoming a professor at Rice University. I have published over 40 peer-reviewed publications related to air pollution and the impacts of energy on the environment. I teach courses on atmospheric science, energy and the environment, and solutions to climate change.


Trends in renewable energy and fossil fuels. Opportunities to achieve progress jointly for climate and air quality. How atmospheric science can inform policy decisions.


Journalists: Brad Plumer, David Roberts, Amy Harder, Taylor Kuykendall, Emily Atkin, Chris Mooney
Researchers: Jason Bordoff, Varun Sivaram, Glen Peters, Jesse Jenkins, Michael Liebreich
Innovators: Jigar Shah


Alex Gilbert (energy analyses), Eric Hittinger (electric grid), Chris Nelder (energy innovations), Gavin Bade (utility sector), Richard Meyer (natural gas). Michael Webber from UT Austin (water – energy nexus), Daniel Kammen from UC Berkeley (energy decarbonization), Katharine Hayhoe from Texas Tech (climate communication), Amory Lovins from Rocky Mountain Institute (energy innovations)


I teach courses, lead scientific studies for peer-reviewed publications, write for popular media outlets (The Hill, The Conversation, Houston Chronicle, etc.), speak to scientific and general audiences, advise congressional candidates, and am beginning work on a book about addressing climate change.


Development of wind and solar farms to take advantage of tax credits before they phase down. Debuts of more electric vehicles, aided by continued declines in battery costs. State-level actions to address climate change (especially watch Washington carbon tax; New Jersey & Virginia joining Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; ongoing developments in California). Midterm elections. Whether shale oil and gas continue to grow.


Podcasts, webinars, whitepapers, speaking opportunities , product development, any of these depending on the topic and time commitment.


Email cohan@rice.edu or call 713-348-5129


The post Interview with Daniel Cohan appeared first on onalytica.

Source: http://www.onalytica.com/blog/posts/interview-daniel-cohan/

Is Someone Stealing Your Blog Content?

Maintaining a blog offers a lot of benefits. On a personal level, it can help others who may be struggling with the same types of issues learn from your experiences while also recognizing that they’re not alone. It can provide therapeutic advantages as well, giving you the opportunity to share your worries, fears, and concerns instead of bottling them up inside.

And if you use a blog as a strategy for growing your business, you can potentially see an increase in revenues by turning your followers into loyal customers. Many companies do this by providing articles designed to help their readers solve some of their most troublesome issues. Other do it as a way to help their customers get to know them better, increasing their trust of the business.

Because creating a blog worth reading isn’t always the easiest task, some people choose to steal other individual’s or business’s content instead of creating their own. How do you know whether this is happening to you?

Checking for Your Online Content

The first step is to do an online search to see if your writings appear anywhere else on the internet. One way to do this is to take a couple sentences from your blog and do a Google search for an exact word match.

Another option is to set up a Google alert using that same passage of text. This enables you to be notified immediately should someone duplicate your content by posting it on their own site, whether they have republished it in your name without permission or are trying to pass it off as their own.

In addition to stealing your written content, if you use images in your blogs, it’s possible that those could be taken and reused too. Fortunately, there is a super-easy way to tell if this has occurred and it involves doing a reverse Google image search.

To search your image on Google, simply go to Google Images, click the camera icon on the right side of the search box, and then click the “Upload an image” tab. Select the image you want to check and, once it is uploaded, Google will automatically search the web to see if it appears anywhere else online. What do you do if it is?

How to Respond to Stolen Content and Images

Whether it is your words that have been stolen, your images, or both, getting the duplicate content removed is critical as having the same information published on more than one site can really hurt your search rank. Plus, if they’re publishing it in your name without permission, they could publish other content that could ultimately harm your reputation, making its removal critical to helping you build and sustain the image you want.

This begins with first reaching out to the person or business that has published your writings and/or images and asking that they be removed immediately. Sometimes just bringing it to their attention that you know they’ve taken it without your permission is enough to get them to take the content down.

If they don’t respond or aren’t willing to honor our request, you can contact the web host and ask that they remove the content. If you’re not sure who the host is, go to Who Is Hosting This? Once there, type in the offending website’s URL into the search bar and you can learn who the site is registered to, who the administrator is, and the name of the server it is on. That should give you the data you need to contact them directly.

If the host fails to act or if you’re not sure how to contact them, you can also request help from DMCA. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services Ltd. and it is a company dedicated to helping content creators get their stolen content removed from the sites that don’t have permission to repost it. DMCA also offers services related to the protection of content, potentially stopping problems before they can even start.

Though you can’t always stop someone else from stealing your written content and images, you do have options when it comes to finding out if this has occurred and getting it removed. These are just a few to consider.

Source: https://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2018/02/15/someone-stealing-blog-content/

5 Ways to Gain Links to Your Blog Without “Building” Them

Blogging isn’t a one-man-show. It’s not just about writing content and publishing it on your blog. It’s about letting the people see it. Isn’t getting more traffic one of the primary purposes of blogging? Yes, it might be an outlet for your thoughts. But you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity of monetizing your blog.

So, how to earn from your blog? Well, through link building! But the tricky part here is that launching a link building campaign isn’t the only answer. There’s an easier way for it. And that is by passively acquiring links from authoritative sites to your blog. You’ll surely breathe a sigh-of-relief in knowing these best ways to gain links to your blog.

1. Promote your content

Promoting your content is a requirement for all bloggers. This brings your word out to the world. What would be the purpose of your blog posts if no one sees it? Are you just going to sit down and wait for visitors to come? If that’s the case, then you’re just wasting your blog’s potential.

Promote your content on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would rake in lots of visitors. You can also embark on a video marketing campaign on YouTube. Even email outreach works. Showcase your blog to renowned bloggers and websites. This way, you’ll tap into their market when they mention you in their posts.

2. Reclaim your link

Link reclamation is the easiest of methods to gain a link. The first thing to do is to find online mentions of your blog. You can do this by using a tool like Mention.net or BuzzSumo. When you find the mentions, you can then contact the site’s owner and request for a link back.

Simply send them a friendly reminder to add your blog’s link to their content. And don’t worry if you think they’re going to ignore you — because they won’t! The mere thought of them mentioning you shows that they like your blog.

3. Deal with blog aggregators

Blog aggregators are a sure-fire way to gain links to your blogs. These are sites that list high-quality blogs from different niches. It’s like a directory where visitors can choose a blog they’re interested in. Simply submit your site and use an HTML code to prove ownership of the blog. You then get a do follow link upon the approval of the aggregator. Talk about easy and free advertising, eh?

4. Donate, donate, donate

Your online presence still revolves around reputation at the end of the day. And what better way to have a good image than to be charitable? You gain the trust of people by donating to sites like non-profit organizations. It shows that you have a generous heart. But it’s more than that.

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There’s a hidden agenda behind this. When you donate, there’s a big chance that the recipient would mention your blog as a form of gratitude. Find a site that links back to your blog in exchange for donations. And send your donation to them along with your blog’s URL. But what’s great about this is there’s no need to donate a huge sum. Even a few bucks will do!

5. Master linkbait content

Creating linkbait content is another way to get around link building. These are content designed to get the attention of other blogs. It also increases the likelihood of link backs because of its many inbound links. Search engines green-light blogs like these. But be sure not to have misleading titles and unrelated links.

Every bit of content should be relevant. Otherwise, you risk your blog being labeled as click-bait. Also, make sure that your content is of high-quality. Sprinkle it with valuable information like statistics and real-life examples.


A study states that 35% of bloggers spend around $1,000 per month on link building. But it doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, you don’t even have to exert too much effort on it.

The methods mentioned prove this. It all boils down to ingenuity and wit. Also, have the determination to increase your blog’s traffic. When you do, there’s no stopping your blog from getting more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

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