50 Handpicked Beautiful Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is one of the most interesting social media platforms and home to creative individuals who like to share their thoughts and ideas with people of same interest. However, to attract more visitors to your blog, you need an attractive Tumblr theme that you can customize as well – and this is what this post is about.

In this post, I am featuring 50 of the most beautiful Tumblr themes that I personally picked for my readers. All these themes are creative, high quality, and users full control of how their blog appears to the audience. Let’s check them out.


A beautiful, mobile-friendly theme with intuitive design and support for photo sets. This theme supports adding Google Fonts as well as Google Analytics. (Download)


A minimalistic, readability-focused theme with high customizability options. You can change layout type, font, and numerous other options to suit your needs. (Download)


A simple, retina-ready, easy-on-eyes theme with multi-layered navigation and various typefaces. You can add Disqus comments, Google Analytics, and more. (Download)

Ten Toes

A sleek theme with an infinite-scroll feature that works perfectly for showcasing your artwork. You can upload a logo, change colors, and add Google and Typekit fonts. (Download)

Ten ToesTen Toes

Another beautiful yet minimal theme for creating and showcasing portfolios. You can change colors and fonts, add header images, add a gallery, and do a lot more. (Download)

Other Basic

A simple, minimalistic theme for creating personal sites. You can add Google Fonts, change colors, show/hide various page elements, and customize a lot more. (Download)

Other BasicOther Basic

An accessibility-focused, minimalistic theme to create screen-friendly blogs and sites. You can customize background options, add a search bar, change colors, etc. (Download)


A showcase-ready theme to focus attention on your artworks including photos and music. You can customize headers and colors and add Disqus, Google Analytics, etc. (Download)


A simple, blogging theme with an optional night mode support. It also supports sticky navigation, Disqus comments, and Google Analytics out of the box. (Download)


A mobile-friendly, speed-focused theme for showcasing the artist in you. You can customize almost everything including colors and fonts, and post anything as well. (Download)


A plain blogging theme with support for two-column layout and Disqus comments. You can change colors and images, use tags, and add search option as well. (Download)


A split layout based theme that supports infinite scroll. You can add Twitter and Instagram feeds, upload logo and images, and change colors and fonts too. (Download)


A highly-customizable, premium theme that supports pagination modes, social media sharing, TypeKit and Google Fonts, Google Analytics, and more features. (Download)


An easy-to-customize theme with infinite scroll feature. You can change fonts and colors, arrange photos, multiple gallery modes, add lightbox and do more. (Download)

Catching Elephant

A simple, two-column blogging theme with support for Disqus comments. You can change colors, add images, apply localization features, and do a lot more. (Download)

Catching ElephantCatching Elephant

A minimal, high-resolution theme that promotes readability features. You can add and customize Google Font, add tags and search feature as well. (Download)


A plain, two-column theme that supports infinite scroll as well. You can customize colors and fonts, change header and footer design, and link your social platforms. (Download)


A beautiful, showcase-focused, grid layout based theme. It supports infinite scroll and allows adding social feeds and changing design. You can add in Disqus and Google Analytics too. (Download)


A bold theme with large photos and infinite scroll support. You can add video banner, customize sidebar elements, add Google and Typekit fonts, and do a lot more. (Download)


A simple blogging theme with localization support. Like many other themes, you can change colors, add Disqus comments, and do few more customizations. (Download)


A simple, configurable, grid layout based theme that supports Disqus comments. This theme features infinite scrolling feature, sticky navigation, and a lot more features. (Download)



A responsive, portfolio-focused theme for showcasing your works. You can change the layout, add a banner, customize sidebar, add Google or TypeKit font, etc. (Download)


A plain, anime-inspired theme with lots of customizable features. You can add infinite scrolling and sticky navigation, change image effects, and do more. (Download)


A clean, beautiful theme with optional header layout and left/right sidebar option. You can also add Disqus comments, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, etc. (Download)

Candice Theme

A beautiful, single-column blogging theme with support for Disqus comments. You can add social links and integrate Google Fonts and Google Analytics too. (Download)

Candice ThemeCandice Theme

A simple, Blogger-inspired blogging theme that supports localization. You can integrate Disqus comments, customize colors, and do more customizations. (Download)

The Atlantic

A simple, text-focused that supports localization. You can change colors, add Disqus comments, incorporate search feature, and do a lot more. (Download)

The AtlanticThe Atlantic

A simple, two-layout styled theme with minimalistic features. You can customize colors, add localization support, integrate Disqus comments, and do a lot more. (Download)


A beautiful, grid-style theme for showcasing work portfolio. You can modify the header, change fonts, link social media accounts, and add Disqus and Google Analytics too. (Download)


A clean, grid-style theme that focuses on readability and helps to create portfolios. You can customize colors, add social links, and integrate Disqus and Google Analytics. (Download)


A clean, blogging styled theme for creating personal blogs. You can customize colors and add Google Fonts, Disqus comments system, and Google analytics as well. (Download)


A beautiful and clean theme with a super responsive layout. You can change colors and images, link Disqus, and add Google Fonts and Google Analytics as well. (Download)


A minimalistic, single-column theme with infinite scroll feature. It features custom logo option and basic color options along with support for adding tags. (Download)


A simple, three-column theme for creating portfolios and showing off images. You can customize its colors and images, and incorporate Disqus comments as well. (Download)


A journal-inspired notebook-styled theme for creating personal blogs and journals. You can add Google Fonts, jump pagination, and tabbed content using this theme. (Download)


A minimalistic, two-column theme with a small sidebar. The theme supports modifying colors and images and adding tags and localization support as well. (Download)


An ultra-simplistic, portfolio-focused theme that features multiple customizability options. It supports blog and grid style layouts, localization, Disqus comments too. (Download)


A simple yet unique style theme with numerous options to make it your own. You can change colors, add a localization, and opt for infinite scroll and multi-column layout. (Download)


A clean, responsive theme with masonry and grid layouts. You can mess around with the colors, localize the content and add Disqus comments as well. (Download)

Art She Said

A simple and super minimalistic blogging theme for every blogger using Tumblr. The theme supports using custom images and adding tags to your posts. (Download)

Art She SaidArt She Said
Illustfolio 4

A simple and clean theme for illustrators to showcase their artworks. You can choose between various column layouts, add share buttons, and customize many things. (Download)

Illustfolio 4Illustfolio 4

A clean, masonry styled theme with sticky navigation and grid layout. You can also choose from 40+ fonts, add social media links, and customize a lot more options. (Download)

Simple Webcomic Theme (V4)

A simple, comic-styled theme for creating webcomics effortlessly. It features multiple customizable blog layouts and supports Disqus, Clicky, and Google Analytics too. (Download)

Simple Webcomic Theme (V4)Simple Webcomic Theme (V4)

A beautiful, masonry-styled theme with a grid layout for showing off your portfolio. You can add infinite scrolling, Google Fonts, Disqus, Google Analytics, and social media icons. (Download)


A minimal, blogging-focused theme with just the least customizability options. The theme supports customizing colors and images to suit your blog’s design. (Download)


A clean, grid-style theme with infinite scrolling feature. You can customize colors, links, and header and add localization support while using this free and straightforward theme. (Download)

Just Plain Theme

A minimal, plain theme with just the necessary elements for a simple blog. You can change colors, add localization support, and Disqus comments as well. (Download)

Just Plain ThemeJust Plain Theme
See you

A minimal yet beautiful masonry-styled theme for creating portfolios. You can change and modify layouts, and add Disqus, Google Fonts, and Google Analytics as well. (Download)

See youSee you
Rank & File

A simple yet functional, multi-column theme for creating group blogs. You can customize header and sidebar to include an avatar, menu, etc., and add Disqus comments. (Download)

Rank & FileRank & File

A clean, variable-grid layout theme for creating personal blogs. You can customize 120+ options, add localization support, and integrate Disqus comments directly. (Download)


Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/tumblr-themes/


Interview with Kees van der Leun

Onalytica Interview with Kees van der LeunKees van der Leun – Director at Ecofys – a Navigant company

Key Topics: 
Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Energy Policy

Location: Utrecht Area, Netherlands

 Bio: All round dedicated sustainable energy expert with 30 years of experience in the field: consultant, business developer, manager, strategist. Renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction. Initiator and project director of The Energy Report, thorough analysis of what it takes to get to 100% renewable energy globally, published by WWF.


In 1986, I joined startup company Ecofys (now a Navigant company), founded by friends from Utrecht University, as its third employee. Ever since, I’ve been involved in developing our work in sustainable energy and climate, learning by working with our clients and with my colleagues, and benefiting from the huge flow of information on these topics. The interaction via Twitter helps me to continuously develop my expertise too.


  • Working on CO2 emission reduction, to combat climate change
  • Working towards a 100% renewable energy system
  • Connecting the dots between all the rapid developments, both on the demand and on the supply side


Mike Bloomberg, Rachel Kyte, Christiana Figueres, Bill McKibben, David Roberts


The late Nelson Mandela, on courage and wisdom. Ida Auken, on political climate leadership. Anne Hidalgo, energetically addressing the liveability of her city. James Hansen, on climate science


Offline, my influence is mostly through my work, thought leadership on the energy system, my role in shaping projects. Occasional blog posts and speaking engagements. Extensive international network, combining live meetings and social media interaction.


  • IPCC special report on keeping global warming to 1.5°C
  • Making the Paris Agreement framework operational at COP24 in Poland
  • Continued acceleration of solar PV on the back of very low cost
  • First major projects involving hydrogen from renewable electricity


Developing its energy and climate strategies


Via the Ecofys or Navigant websites. Or via Twitter, or course 😉


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How to Install Chrome on a Different Drive in Windows

My PC has a small hard drive, so I have only allocated 25GB of space to the C drive (system drive) and store all my data in other drives. Everything works fine – except for Chrome. In case you don’t know, Chrome gives no option to install it on any other drive except the system drive (i.e. the C drive). And even if you move the Chrome application to a different drive, its data is still recorded in the system drive which easily accounts for GBs of space over time.

After a bit of research and experiments, I managed to find a simple method to beat Chrome in its own game. With the help of junctions in Windows, you can make Chrome think it is still on the system drive even though its content will be on a different drive.

If you are also looking to move Chrome to a different drive, then keep reading and I’ll show you how to do it.

1. Delete previously installed Chrome

First, you need to delete the contents of any previous Chrome installation and also create a destination folder on a different drive where you want to install Chrome.

Uninstall Chrome and move to the below-mentioned location in your PC:

C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome

In the above location, replace Your Username with your actual username. In my case, it’s Administrator.

When you reach the Google folder, delete the Chrome folder inside it. Make sure you don’t delete the Google folder.

delete the Chrome folderdelete the Chrome folder

Afterwards, go to the drive where you want to install Chrome and create a folder in which you want Chrome to reside. I have created a folder with the name Chrome in D drive.

create a foldercreate a folder

2. Download and install the Junction app

Although junctions is a Windows built-in feature, but Windows natively doesn’t ship with an application to create junctions. You’ll need a third-party junction app available on Microsoft website. Here’s how to install it.

  1. Download Junction app from the Microsoft website.
  2. It would be in ZIP format. Open the zip file using your preferred extraction tool (like 7-zip) and extract the junction.exe (or junction64.exe if you have a 64-bit system) file in C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  3. extract the junction.exe file extract the junction.exe file

Make sure you install it in the System32 folder inside the Windows, otherwise it won’t work.

3. Create junction using the Junction app

Now you need to create a junction to redirect data from the default Chrome destination to the new one. It’s a command line tool, so we’ll have to use Windows Command Prompt to create the junction.

Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog and type cmd in it to open the Command Prompt.

Command PromptCommand Prompt

Here you need to enter the below-mentioned command accordingly.

junction.exe "Default location of Chrome" "Your destination location"

You need to replace the locations accordingly in the above command as I have mentioned and make sure you add the quotes (“”) as well. In my case, the actual command looks like this:

junction.exe "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome" "D:\Chrome"

Hit enter and you will see a confirmation that the location has been targeted.

location has been targetedlocation has been targeted

4. Download and install Chrome

Now go to the Chrome website and download and install Chrome as you normally do. The Chrome application will be installed in the default location in the system drive, but its data folder will be made in the new location that you created in a different drive.

data folder in the new locationdata folder in the new location

There is no need to move Chrome application to the new destination as well. It is hardly 300MB in size after installation and will not grow in size over time. However, if you don’t want the Chrome application on the system drive as well, then follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to C drive > Program Files > Google. Here right-click on Chrome folder and select Cut.
  2. Cut Chrome folder Cut Chrome folder
  3. Now move to the destination folder where you want Chrome and paste the Chrome folder.
  4. paste the Chrome folderpaste the Chrome folder

Note: If you’ll move the Chrome application, its desktop shortcut will become unusable. You’ll have to create a new desktop shortcut from the new location of Chrome.

To remove the junction

In the future, if you need to install Chrome again in the default location, then you’ll have to remove the junction first. Here’s how to do it.

Uninstall Chrome and open the Command Prompt. Afterwards, enter the below-mentioned command as described.

junction -d "The default location of Chrome where you created the junction"

Fill the required field accordingly. In my case, it looks like this.

junction -d "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome"

Remove junctionRemove junction


The above process might be a little cumbersome, but it will surely be able to fool Chrome and make it work from a different drive. It’s good to know that you can also use the above method to move Chrome to a different drive instead of installing it from scratch.

To do so, instead of deleting Chrome’s data folder, cut it and move it to the new location and then create the junction. Do let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/install-chrome-different-drive-windows-10/

Interview with Tiffani Bova

Onalytica Interview with Tiffani BovaTiffani Bova – Sales Strategist | Growth Advisor | Change Agent at Salesforce

Key Topics:
Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience

Location: Los Angeles, California

Bio: Tiffani Bova is the global customer growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce. Recognized in 2014 as one of the most Powerful and Influential Women in California by the National Diversity Council, Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders by Brand Quarterly Magazine in 2016 and Inc. Magazine’s 37 Sales Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter and a Top 50 Sales Influencer on LinkedIn. Bova is a highly sought after keynote speaker having delivered over 300 keynote presentations around the globe to over 300,000 people on sales transformation and business model innovation. A regular contributor to HuffPost, Harvard Business Review, Marketing Matters on Wharton Business Radio – SiriusXM and Forbes plus various industry leading podcasts on sales, marketing and digital business. Her new podcast “What’s Next! with Tiffani Bova” has become one of the top 100 business and marketing podcasts on iTunes in 2017, and won top Sales and Marketing Podcast by Top Sales Magazine. She has an upcoming book “Growth IQ: Get Smarter About Building Your Company’s Future” published by Portfolio coming out in August 2018.


I have a bit of a unique background. I am both a sales, marketing and customer service practitioner, having run both start-up and Fortune 500 organizations, and a business analyst, having spent a decade as a Research Fellow at Gartner. The combination of those two very different perspectives has provided me insights others are less likely to have. Over they years, that unique point of view has allowed me to develop and share future thinking which resulted in others calling me a “thought leader” and “industry expert.” If others consider you an expert, it puts pressure on you to always make sure you are delivering on those expectations, adding value and pushing the conversation forward. As the saying goes, it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.


I was an early adopter of MarTech solutions. As one of the Beta clients of Eloqua and Constant Contact and an early user of Salesforce.com back in 2000 it opened my eyes to the power of technology and the role it would play in the future of sales, marketing and customer service. Now, I am most passionate about the people side of MarTech. It is enabling and empowering brands to do amazing things for and with its customers especially around improving  customer experience. The incredible benefits of technology are no longer reserved for (only) big companies with big budgets. Now everyone, from entrepreneurs to large, multi-national companies, who want to improve customer engagement and reach can do so. That’s exciting!


I have always been a student of what I get to do each day. So I consume lots of content from lots of sources. I’m always looking for “What’s Next” not necessarily what is today, or what has been. I like to balance following both the practitioner side, those people who are ‘doing’ innovative and compelling things with technology along with the academic, analytical “thinkers”. That way I can get multiple, sometimes contradictory points of view to help me shape my thinking.


I like business thinkers, could be those on the Thinkers50 list, to CEOs, to a marketing manager at a start-up who is testing new use cases of MarTech. I’m always on the look out for unique points of view. With so much content being produced, the trick is to keep up with it across all the various platforms and sources.



Personalization at scale. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to capture a single view of customers to improve CX. The usage of AI and Analytics to make better decisions when it comes to helping customers be successful with your product or service. Why those? The 21st Century customer demands a 21st Century (connected) experience.


In my current role at Salesforce, as the Growth and Innovation Evangelist, I am fortunate that I get to do lots of different activities with companies around the world. There is never a shortage of exciting projects I want to participate in. The difficulty is finding the time to do them all.


Connect with me on Twitter @Tiffani_Bova or via my website: www.tiffanibova.com


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10 Premium WordPress Plugins for 2018 You Should Know

A judicious selection of WordPress plugins is a must. It can ensure your WordPress website will perform optimally. The websites you are building will do so as well.

You can have the ability to give visitors exactly what they are looking for. Like this, you’re creating a win-win situation for your clients, for the website users, and for yourself.

WordPress plugins provide a great way to add to or extend WordPress functionality. Thereby, they can do the same for your websites. In this post, you’ll find 10 WordPress plugins that comprise the best 2018 selection of plugins.

This is as good a time as any to give your WordPress website what could be a much-needed upgrade. You can do so by installing one or more of the following plugins.

1. wpDataTables


Creating anything but the simplest tables and charts can take time. And, when you have huge amounts of complex data to work with, it may hardly seem worth the effort to pursue the task, but it must be done. Then of course, there’s the matter of a chart’s or table’s readability, responsiveness, or how easily you can edit it or keep it current once you’ve created it.

wpDataTables takes care of all that. This WordPress plugin is so powerful and so easy to use, that more than one web designer has switched over to WordPress just to be able to take advantage of everything this popular plugin has to offer.

This is a handy tool to have when you’re working with reams of financial or scientific data, or you need to create and maintain a large product catalog for an online store.

Front-end editing, working with huge MySQL tables, and color coding or highlighting key data or data categories are just a few of this WordPress plugin’s many useful features.

2. LayerSlider


LayerSlider isn’t your typical slider-design plugin. While you’ll love working with this WP plugin’s ever-expanding selection of professionally-designed slider templates, there’s much more to this package than you might have reason to expect.

What LayerSlider gives you in fact, is a complete animation platform. It comes with its own drag and drop visual editor which, when combined with its versatile layout options and animated page blocks, allows you to build galleries, slideshows, and even a complete website using these and this plugin’s other tools. This plugin’s increasingly popular Popup feature allows you to use sliders as modal windows to present viewers with subscription reminders, signup forms, and other useful information.

LayerSlider is totally device-friendly, retina-ready, and responsive, so your creations easily adapt to smartphone, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.

Not to forget, the user support and the plugin’s supporting documentation is excellent and of the highest quality.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

nextgen pronextgen pro

Whether you select NextGEN gallery or NextGEN Pro, you’ll find yourself able to take your gallery creations to the next level. A good piece of advice will be to first give NextGEN gallery a try – it’s free; and if you like what you see, and you probably will, give NextGEN Pro some thought. NextGEN’s authors recommend this approach.

NextGEN Gallery has been the industry standard for a gallery design plugin since 2007. As you might expect, designing a relatively simple gallery with either version of NextGEN is an easy task. What might surprise you is that working with thousands of images, grouping them into albums, or creating and edit thumbnails is nearly as easy.

There’s a variety of gallery display types to choose among, including both slideshow and thumbnail styles; plus, there’s a wide variety of sizing, timing, and transition options, and more.

4. CSS Hero

css herocss hero

You’ve designed and launched a website, and suddenly you feel the need to make some changes in its appearance.

Doing so could take nearly as much time as you spent during the design-launch process.

Enter CSS Hero. This WP plugin is basically a WYSIWYG real-time CSS editor that features a responsive editing mode, allowing you to preview how your edits will appear on mobile devices. The generated CSS stylesheet can be exported too, so there’s no “vendor lock-in”.

5. Blog2Social


The Blog2Social WordPress plugin provides a comprehensive social media automation solution for social media workers, marketers, and businesses of any size. More than being just another auto-posting tool, Blog2Social enables you to select your post formats, customize your posts, and vary your content from one network to the next. Use Blog2Social to schedule and track your posts to any or all of 15 supported social media networks and their profiles, pages, or groups.

6. REXPANSIVE Page Builder


The Rexpansive plugin gives you a unique way to create your layouts. You simply insert text, images, and video in the sizes you want, no need to enter any values. No matter which theme you’re using, or which browser or device you’ll be displaying your pages on, you won’t need special code or sets of tools to ensure everything will fit. Rexpansive’s automated content size-management features take care of everything.

Download the free test version and see for yourself.

7. Heroic Knowledge Base

heoric knowledge baseheoric knowledge base

With help from the powerful Heroic Knowledge Base plugin, you can create a knowledge database for your website that will allow users to find information they need in seconds. With help from this plugin’s analytics and feedback-collecting features you can determine which articles or data are helpful to the users, and which may need improvement. Heroic Knowledge Base offers an excellent opportunity to turn a good website into an award-winning one.

8. Final Tiles Gallery

final tiles galleryfinal tiles gallery

Many themes provide a range of gallery display options, but quite often you’re still stuck with having to display all your images in the same size or having the same aspect ratio. Final Tiles Gallery is a modular WordPress gallery plugin that allows you to mix your images sizes and aspect ratios within the same gallery.

Its responsive, it allows you to create complex grid systems, embed video, use infinite scrolling and special scrolling effects, and much more.

9. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

essential grid galleryessential grid gallery

Essential Grid is a WordPress plugin that enables you to display your content in a variety of formats with help of a highly customizable grid system. With help from this plugin, you can create image galleries, portfolios, and blog and online shop layouts, and even social media streams that, in the past, you could only imagine.

10. Helpie KB Wiki Plugin

helpi kbhelpi kb

With the Helpie plugin, it becomes a simple matter to create an internal knowledge base for your team, a private one for your clients, or a public product/services one for website users. You can password protect documents or topics, edit your knowledge base from the front end, request feedback, and gain additional insight as to what users are looking for.

The ability to create a working, easy-to-use knowledge base is a win-win for everyone.


Within this selection, you’re almost certain to find what suits you the best. You can come across a product that can fill what has been a void in your website producing capabilities.

If this is true, adding one or more of these top-rated WordPress plugins to your toolbox can make your day. Not to mention opening new opportunities for you to create award-winning websites.

Happy hunting!

Source: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/premium-wordpress-plugins-you-should-know-2018/

BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, February 12, 2018

Good morning, job hunters.

Here are the best blog writing jobs – and more – from our Job Board.

Paid blogging jobs


Schneedle needs an article written on the health/mental health benefits of using sex toys.

Essay Writer

The Uncommon Muse needs an 800-1200 word essay on muses: who is a female muses in your life–real or fictional, living or dead, someone you see everyday or someone you’ve never met. Very open ended, looking for all types of tones and styles.

Freelance Technical Blog Writer: Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning

Idexcel is looking for SME blog writers who know what it takes to get an application from development through production. They should have experience in at least one of various roles across the application lifecycle, including Cloud Engineers, Data Science Engineers, developers, testers, DevOps engineers and release engineers.

Digital SEO Content Writer/Editor

GeekHive is currently seeking a Digital SEO Content Writer to fill a six-month contract at their headquarters in Warwick, NY, A strategic and creative thinker, this person is energized by the challenge of researching, analyzing and understanding their marketing strategy and delivering compelling content on their website, social channels, sales team needs and for their nurture campaigns.

Writers for conservative gaming site

Wanted: writers for a new gaming site that will highlight conservative voices in the media.

Source: https://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2018/02/12/paid-blogging-jobs-bloggingpro-february-12-2018/

10 Best PC Maintenance Tools For Better PC Performance

PCs require continuous maintenance to ensure a great experience. Cleaning unrequired data, updating the software, keeping the system safe from harmful programs and taking care of connected hardware might seem a big chore. But all of this can be easily done using some useful PC maintenance tools.

There are many third-party maintenance tools available that will automatically complete important PC maintenance tasks for you and ensure your PC is always working at optimum performance. Below I have list 10 types of PC maintenance tools that you should gift to your PC.

1. PC cleaning tools

Cleaning your PC of all the files like cache, temporary files, logs, and fragments, etc. ensures that your PC stays fast and junk free. These files can take up a lot of space if not treated in time (in GBs) and may also cause software errors and system slow down.


CCleaner is one of the most popular PC cleaning tools that is light, highly customizable and does an amazing job of cleaning junk files. You have full control over which data you would like to delete, so you never have to worry about deleting anything important.

Other cleaning tools to consider:

2. Defragmentation tools

If you are using a hard disk drive (HDD) for storage and not a solid state drive (SSD), then read this; otherwise, skip to the next tool.

In hard drives, data is written in random fragments that are scattered every time you access a file. This causes fragmentation and makes it difficult for the access arm on the hard drive to find the required data quickly. So every time you open a new file, it will take some extra time to find and open the file; i.e. slower system.

A defragmentation tool will put all the data in sequence to make it easier for the hard drive to quickly access it; leading to faster file startups. You should defrag your hard drive once in awhile to keep the PC running at optimum speed.

Although Windows PCs have a built-in defragmentation tool, but a third-party defragmentation tool like Defraggler offers more control. Defraggler allows you to defrag specific files and folder and even programs. You can also defrag empty space to protect against future fragmentation.

Other defragmentation tools

3. Automatic driver updaters

Keeping your hardware drivers updated is the best way to ensure your connected devices work properly without any loss in performance. However, it can be really hard to track and update drivers manually. A driver update program will automatically search for latest drivers for your PC and keep it updated and free of corrupt drivers.

Driver Booster by IObit is my personal favorite for this purpose that keeps the drivers updated and fixes corrupted drivers. It also has special support for Windows 10 drivers, if you are using Windows 10.

Other driver updaters
driver boosterdriver booster

4. Uninstaller apps

Apart from the data in the main directory, programs also create registry entries and other files in the system for different purposes. The Windows built-in uninstaller only uninstalls a program from its main directory and nothing more.

The other data stays in your system for no reason and accumulates over time if you don’t delete it, leading to slowdowns and storage waste. You can use an uninstaller app like IObit Uninstaller that will delete all the connected data and ensure nothing is left behind.

I am using IObit Uninstaller for over a year now and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. It can uninstall programs in bulk and remove all the traces.

Other uninstaller apps
iobit uninstalleriobit uninstaller

5. Antivirus and Malware removal programs

Malware and viruses are always developing and a new virus threat arises every day. Antivirus software are there to fight them and ensure your PC stays safe.

Though there are many antivirus programs available, but Avast has a reliable free antivirus program. It has real-time protection feature with powerful scanning and network protection.

Other antivirus programs

6. CPU and GPU temperature monitoring tools

PC overheating is a really serious issue and it can lead to data corruption and even permanent damage to PC components. CPU and GPU are the main heating components and keeping a tab on their temperature will help you keep them cool when needed.

A PC temperature monitoring tool like HWMonitor will show current temperature of your CPU and GPU and their peak temperature as well.

Other CPU and GPU temperature monitoring tools

7. Disk space analysis tools

Understanding what is on your PC will help you keep your PC clean and free from unrequired data. Disk space analysis tools (interlink my article “Disk space analysis tools” when it’s published) scan your PC and show you all your data in an easy to gulp manner.

I personally love WinDirStat disk analysis tool for this purpose. It’s a really simple tool that creates a handy data tree to show all types of data on your PC and makes it easy to see which type of data is taking most space. It also makes it easy to navigate and manage data right inside its interface.

Other Disk space analysis tools

8. Hard drive health monitoring tools

Hard drives have limited life and they can be easily damaged or get corrupted over time. You need to keep a tab on your hard drive’s health to save your data and be prepared for the inevitable.

CrystalDiskInfo is the tool of my choice for hard drive health monitoring that is extremely easy to use and offers comprehensive information. It sums up hard drive health and lets you know if it’s working fine or if there are any problems. It also shows information like hardware type, temperature, and specification.

Other Hard drive health monitoring tools

9. System Information Tools

System Information Tools provide all the information about your PC software and hardware components. Such as speed and type of CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, and hard drive, etc.

These tools may not actively help in PC maintenance, but they are very handy to have when your PC faces a problem or need to make changes to the hardware of the PC. For example, you may need to provide your PC specification to a technician who is trying to help you with a PC problem.

Windows also has built-in system information tool that is honestly quite comprehensive. However, if you need even more details with easy navigation and export features, then Speccy is a great tool. It shows extensive information about your PC, including information about network, operating system and connected devices.

I also really like it’s real-time data tracking that shows changes in value in real-time, such as temperature.

Others system information tools:

10. All-in-one Utilities

The above tools are great at their job, but there are some really cool all-in-one utilities that offer multiple PC utility software in a single package to automatically optimize performance and fix problems. Of course, they are usually jack of all trades but master of none, but they are definitely worth a look.

I have used Glary Utilities in the past and it has some really cool tools. Most of the tools I have mentioned above are available in Glary Utilities suit along with some extra tools like startup manager, explorer, security checker and more. It also has a built-in performance booster to speed up the PC.

Other All-in-one utilities
all in one utilitiesall in one utilities


You can also get a registry cleaner to keep things tidy. Although registry cleaners don’t help too much with speeding up the PC and modern operating systems can manage registry quite well, but they are still worth having at desperate times.

If you don’t clean your registry at all, then over time there is a chance the registry may get corrupted and lead to slow downs or software errors. If you face such a problem and can’t seem to find the solution, then try cleaning the registry to see if it helps.

I like Wise Registry Cleaner for this purpose as it makes it easy to clean the registry and also has a feature to defrag registry. After I cleaned and defragged registry of my old PC with Wise Registry Cleaner, I noticed a huge performance boost. So there’s a chance you may find it useful too.

Ending thoughts

All of the aforementioned tools are either free or have a free version that is comprehensive enough to be used at home without problems. So you should have no problem maintaining your PC for free. If you know any other reliable tools to maintain a PC, do share with us in the comments.

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